Ziguang (000938) 2019 Interim Report Review: ICT Convergence Trend Operator Market Opens New Growth Space

Ziguang (000938) 2019 Interim Report Review: ICT Convergence Trend Operator Market Opens New Growth Space
In 2019H1, the company realized revenue / net profit attributable to mothers / net profit attributable to non-mothers 228.74/8.47/5.980,000 yuan, +1 a year.92% / + 15.51% / + 2.39%.The company expanded its R & D investment, consolidated its full-stack, full-cycle digital service capabilities. The facilities and services business developed rapidly in the first half of the year, and its IT distribution business continued to grow.The trend of ICT integration in the 5G era is optimistic about the company’s steady growth in the government and enterprise market and the rapid development 武汉夜生活网 of the operator market in the next three years. It is expected that the EPS in 2019/2020/2021 will be 1.09/1.30/1.63 yuan (after the latest diluted share capital), maintaining the “overweight” rating. Digital facilities and services have developed rapidly, and IT distribution has continued to grow.In terms of digital infrastructure and services, the company’s network products actively explored the operator market, and switches / routers / WLAN / firewalls won the bid; IT infrastructure products and services continued to expand industry users and SMEs, and many projects were implemented;Business revenue increased by 15 in advance.05% to 115.07 ppm, but gross margin decreased by 2 over the same period.43 to 33.98%; In terms of IT product distribution and supply chain services, the company continued to deepen its cooperation with existing manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard / Dell / Lenovo, actively released new manufacturers and product lines, continuously improved the level of logistics and information technology, and slightly increased business revenue2.84% to 141.52 ppm, gross margin 8.47% is basically stable.Subsidiary Xinhua III achieved operating income / net profit attributable to mother 145.53/11.63 ppm, -4% / + 5% for one year, Ziguang Digital achieved revenue / net profit of 99.92/1.2.6 billion, previously +18% / + 26%. R & D investment has been continuously increased to continue to consolidate the full-stack full-cycle digital service capability.The company focuses on the IT industry, with R & D personnel accounting for more than 30%, and Xinhua III ‘s subsidiary accounting for more than 50% of R & D personnel. This has led the company to continuously expand its R & D investment in areas such as ABCIoT, network products, and industrial applications.Cycle digital service capabilities. 2019H1 R & D investment 18.2.2 billion, previously +15.21%, the proportion of R & D investment increased to 15.twenty one%.At present, the company’s patent application scale has gradually exceeded 10,000, the product line has been continuously enriched, the solution is leading internally, and its core competitiveness has been continuously improved. The trend of ICT convergence has brought new growth space for the operator market.In the 5G era, SDN / NFV is going commercial, carrier networks are accelerating cloudification, and ICT convergence is inevitable. With the new round of capacity expansion of bearer networks and full cloudification of core networks, the company is expected to cut into the operator market from government and enterprise customers and usher in a new growth.space.In the first half of the year, the company launched a full range of 5G mobile backhaul bearer network switches, RX8800 / RA5000, and a cloud-based managed router, CR19000, which continued to break through high-end core scenarios and landed commercially in some operators’ markets.The company’s Wi-Fi 6 series products continued to make breakthroughs in the operator market scale, and won the bid for some operators’ WLAN equipment collection and acquisition projects in 2019 with the largest share.The company released a full range of new-generation AI firewalls, and the company has been selected by some operators for the centralized procurement of hardware firewall products for 2019-2020.In the collection of distributed file storage products for some operators in 2019, the company successfully won the bid for two types of hardware, capacity and performance, indicating that the company’s independent research and development of distributed storage products has obtained breakthrough applications for operators. Risk factors: The customer development of the operator is less than expected, the technology landing results are less than expected, and market competition is intensified. Investment suggestion: optimistic about the company’s full-stack, full-cycle digital service capabilities, steady growth in the government and enterprise market, and rapid development of the operator market. Fine-tune the net profit forecast for 2019/2020 to 22.25/26.55 ppm (original value 22).28/26.65ppm), with a net profit forecast of 33 in 2021.38 million, corresponding to EPS for 2019/2020/2021 of 1.09/1.30/1.63 yuan (after the latest diluted share capital), maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Vanke A (000002) Annual Report Commentary Report: Steady words lead to achieve high-quality development, low debt, high cash dividends

Vanke A (000002) Annual Report Commentary Report: Steady words lead to achieve high-quality development, low debt, high cash dividends

Event: The company announced 厦门夜网 its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 2976.

8 ppm, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 337.

700 million, an increase of 22 each year.

6% and 20.

4%; realized sales amount of 6069.

5 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.


The company proposes 10 for every 10 shares.

A cash dividend of RMB 7 totals 118.

1.2 billion.

The performance has steadily increased, and the 19-year performance lockup is relatively high.

The company’s revenue growth rate in 2018 was 22.

6%, net profit growth rate of 33.

4%, higher than the growth rate of operating income, mainly reflected in the company’s continued improvement in profitability, gross profit margin and net interest rate replacement in 2018 respectively increased.

4, 2.

1 PCT, ROE has been increased to 21 in the past 4 years.


In the end, the company’s contract compensation was 5047 trillion, mainly for pre-sale housing, with a performance lock-up of 170%.

The market share continued to increase, the value of saleable goods was abundant, and the start-up contraction and completion slowed down.

The company’s cumulative sales area in 2018 was 4,037.

70,000 countries, an increase of 12 every year.

3%, the sales amount is 6069.

500 million, an increase of 14 every year.

5%, the cumulative average selling price 1.

500,000 / sqm, maintaining a high position.

In 18 years, the company’s sales area market share was 2.

35%, compared to 2 in 17 years.

1% further increase.

In 2018, the company achieved a newly started area and completed 140 of the first-level start plan.

8%, the company plans to start 3609 Universal in 2019, a decline of 28% each year.

The company has abundant saleable value. As of the end of 2018, there were still 3710 in the scope of the company’s consolidated statements.

The settlement of 20,000 square meters of resources has not been completed, and the total contract amount is about 5307.

1 ppm, an increase of 25 from the end of 17 years.

2% and 28.


In 2018, the company completed an area of 2,756.

40,000 square meters, an increase of 20% each year, to complete the planned 104.

8%, the company plans to complete the area of 3076 in 2019.60,000 cubic meters, an annual increase of 12%, the growth rate is 8PCT lower than last year. The decline in the completion growth rate means that the settlement performance may decline steadily and slightly.

The company’s total soil reserves are sufficient for 2-3 years to develop, the land acquisition rhythm is prudent, reasonable quality and cost is controlled.

In 2018, the company’s new project planning area was 4681.

40,000, the company currently gradually total soil reserves of about 1.

5.5 billion square meters, enough for 2-3 years of development, the average price of supplementary projects accounts for about 36% of the average sales price (room-to-land ratio), and land acquisition costs are controlled.

In terms of land structure, the newly added soil deposits are still mainly on the first and second lines, and the first and second line soil reserves account for 71.

2%, the equity investment accounted for 81.

4%, showing high requirements and prudent attitude towards the quality of the project by the leaders.

The company’s leverage remained low, its debt structure was reasonable, and cash dividends were high.

The company’s operating cash flow has significantly reduced its peers, with operating cash flow of positive 33.6 billion. At the end of 2018, the company had 188.4 billion monetary funds in hand, corresponding to a multiple of short-term interest-bearing debt coverage2.

38 times, far more than peers.

The reported company’s asset-liability ratio increased slightly and steadily. Due to the increase in interest-bearing debt, net debt restructuring30.

7%, the industry leader is extremely low.

The company’s overall debt structure is reasonable, and interest-bearing debt is mainly medium- and long-term debt. In a tight credit market environment, the company’s financing structure has changed, bank financing has replaced the proportion, and bond financing has increased, which has led to an improvement in the company’s comprehensive financing costs. We expectCredit easing will reduce the company’s 19 financing costs.

The company’s dividends of 11.8 billion continue to give back to investors, with a dividend yield of 4 in 18 years.


Investment advice: The company has a lot of cash, low debt, high dividends, stable operation, and pursues multi-business expansion and development. Its comprehensive financial performance is excellent. The company maintains a stable terrain, total land reserves, cost control, and real estate ratio. Considering the companyMost of the value is distributed in the first tier, which is expected to benefit from the recovery of sales in first and second tier cities better than the industry performance. We expect the company to exceed 655 billion U.S. dollars. Considering the company’s planned completion rate, the growth rate will decline by 8PCT.Profits were made by approximately 426.

200 million, 502.

300 million down to 395.

800 million, 459.

700 million, corresponding to EPS by 3.

86, 4.

55 yuan down to 3.

59, 4.

16 yuan, the corresponding PE is 7.

89X, 6.

79X, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: New home sales fall short of expectations, and “due to city policy” policy falls short of expectations, housing prices fall sharply

Golden Mantis (002081) Quarterly Report Review: Steady Growth in Revenue and New Growth, Single Growth Expressway

Golden Mantis (002081) Quarterly Report Review: Steady Growth in Revenue and New Growth, Single Growth Expressway
Revenue performance grew steadily, and profitability slightly replaced the company’s operating income in 19Q1-3 to achieve 227.4.1 billion, an annual increase of 22.66%; net profit attributable to mother 17.5 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.47%; deduct non-net profit 17.1 billion, an increase of 9 in ten years.71%.By quarter, the company’s Q1 / Q2 / Q3 revenue growth rate was 19.6% / 32.5% / 17.2%, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was 8 respectively.7% / 16.4% / 7.9%.The company’s gross profit / net margin for the 19Q1-3 was 18 无锡夜网 respectively.58% / 7.65%, a decrease of 0 over the same period in the previous 18 years.79/0.92pct, of which 19Q3 gross profit / net margin decreased by 1 compared to 18Q3.61/0.43pct, which is expected to be mainly affected by the growth of high-margin home improvement business and the decline in its own profitability.The company’s 19Q1-3 net operating cash flow was -8.09ppm, a net decrease of 1 in the earlier 18-year period.2.7 billion. The single-quarter growth rate forecast for the new quarter, orders in hand have both support for future growth. According to operating data announcements, the company’s new progress order 334 in 19Q1-3.2 ten percent, an increase of 17 per year.3%, new extensions of 185 for public / house / design respectively.6/126.5/22.1.5 billion, an increase of 15 each year.6% / 17.9% / 29.9%.Among them, the total 天津夜网 number of new chronic orders in Q3 was 109.5.4 billion, an annual increase of 3.7%, 58 for public / dwelling / design new millennium singles.2/42.9/8.400 million, an increase of 1 each year.0% / 3.2% / 29.4%.There is a forecast for the growth rate of Q3 orders, but as of the end of the third quarter of 2019, the company has 645 orders in hand.4.7 billion yuan, 2 of the 2018 revenue.6 times, the expansion of sufficient orders on hand supports the company’s future revenue growth. The development of home improvement stores is a breakthrough. The new strategy is expected to help the home improvement business to break through. According to the official website of Golden Mantis, the company currently has 172 stores, the same number as at the end of 18. It is expected that the company will no longer add new stores in 19 years, and no longer expandspeed.The company is actively promoting the “overseas package” business, integrating overseas materials into the country. Domestic decoration materials are relatively expensive, and foreign materials are cheaper than domestic taxes.Both overseas and foreign countries have advantages in terms of price and quality, and there is a lot of room for development.As the output value of the Golden Mantis single store increases, the home improvement business is expected to release profits.In addition, statistics from the Bureau of Statistics show that the area of land completed from January to September was an additional 8.6%, the decline narrowed from January to August.4pct.The completion rate in September was 4.81%, continued to pick up after the positive growth rate in August, and has been increasing for the fourth consecutive month.The completion of real estate gradually picks up, which is good for decoration companies to pick up orders. Earnings forecast and investment rating According to the company’s 18-year increase in stock incentive plan announcement, the company completed the completion of the supplementary stock incentive plan for the first time. The assessment target is to increase net profit by 15% / 30% / 45% or revenue growth by 20% over 19 years.% / 40% / 60%, helping to motivate core employees.From the perspective of the industry, the completion rate in the later stage promotes the improvement, which is beneficial to the improvement of orders for decoration companies.It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in 19-21 will be 24.0/26.9/30.0 million.Maintain reasonable value12.The judgment of 2 yuan per share remains unchanged, corresponding to a PE of 19 in 19 years.6x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminders: The growth rate of real estate development investment continues; the single-growth rate in the new years has changed; the growth rate of home improvement business has slowed down or cannot be released in the short term, and long-term rental apartments have gradually fallen short of expectations.

Zhongshun Jierou (002511): Consistent Monetary Elasticity of Consumer Goods Moat Stability

Zhongshun Jierou (002511): Consistent Monetary Elasticity of Consumer Goods Moat Stability

Key points of investment: Company size: High-quality products and strong channels drive Jierou’s efficient development, and the city’s share continues to increase.

(1) High-quality products are consolidating first-class standards in the tissue industry, and new layouts of cardboard for women are used to promote bright spots.

Zhongshun Jierou is the first echelon company in the domestic tissue industry with market share from April 2012.

1% increased to about 5 in 2018.

0%, multi-category research and development meets the needs of differentiated consumers, and the main product series face and lotion conform to the trend of consumption upgrade, thus bringing popularity and reputation.

The new layout of cardboard pieces for beauty women (such as new cotton early white, etc.) is expected to open a new breakthrough point in performance growth.

Realized income in 201856.

79 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

4%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

07 million yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.


The compound growth rate of profit in 2012-201826.

0%, significantly higher than their peers.

(2) The channel sinking strategy will continue to extend Jierou’s development tentacles.

The excellent sales team helps offline layout + KA cooperation continues to advance + online channel expansion and key categories account for about 70%, the company’s channel sinks and expands steadily, and the marketing network covers most of the country / county-level cities (over 1200)).

In the future, we will continue to develop new customers in KA and the sales and marketing end. It is expected that the channel will continue to sink in blank areas.

(3) Equity incentives bind interests in depth and stimulate endogenous motivation from top to bottom.

Since the completion of the first phase of the employee shareholding plan in 2015, the company announced a compound incentive plan in December 2018, giving it an expanded scale (the first grant of 13.73 million supplements + 19.68 million gain shares), and a wider range of personnel coverage.Grassroots incentives are more in place, and the company and individual performance appraisals are dual-linked to lay a solid foundation for future scale expansion.

(4) The price of pulp has stabilized on the margins, Jierou has benefited from the cost end, and the profitability of 2019 is flexible.

At present, the average international pulp price is US $ 730 / ton, which is 18% lower than the 2018 high.

The launch of pulp futures at the end of 2018 will help smooth pulp prices and enhance buyers’ voice.

Industry level: The industry has a large space, and there is room for improvement per capita to benefit from the trend of consumption upgrade.

(1) There is room for increasing the amount of paper used by humans per capita.

Domestic per capita consumption is lower than in European and American countries. Through industrial optimization and consumption upgrade, per capita consumption demand is still being promoted.

(2) Beneficial consumption upgrade and category expansion trend.

Although the tissue industry has traditionally been replaced by homogenization of paper, mid-to-high-end products have become a brand and product advantage. In the trend of the consumer upgrade industry, it is expected to form a stable customer base through functional segmentation of paper and high-margin products.

(3) The market capacity is large and the concentration of the industry is constantly increasing.

According to the Tissue Industry Association, the scale of the tissue industry in 2017 was 110.6 billion, and the concentration of CR4 was 35%. In the future, small and medium-sized production capacity will be phased out and exited, and leading enterprises will be scaled up.

Channels have continued to expand, product structure has been adjusted and upgraded, refined management has tapped profit potential, and the company’s fundamentals have continued to improve.

Under the full incentive mechanism of the company’s executives and employees, KA channel cooperation was widened, breakthrough progress was made on the online platform, channel construction blossomed, and revenue grew steadily.

The product structure was adjusted, the proportion of products with high gross profit margins increased, product upgrades were 天津夜网 initiated, differentiated competition increased the stickiness of the customer base, and refined management ensured that profitability could continue to improve.

As we are optimistic about the company’s new product revenue in 2019, the channel continues to sink and improve, and the use of alternative price pulp in 2019 to obtain profit flexibility, we estimate that if the purchase pulp price drops by 10% +, assuming that the sales price and expenses are not maintainedChange (actually there may be a decline in terminal prices and an increase in the expense ratio due to competition), and a decrease in gross profit margin by 2pct?
The improvement space of 4pct corresponds to the growth rate of net profit attributable to yoy28% -56%.

Based on the increase in revenue scale and upward elasticity of profit brought by the company, we raised the company’s EPS to 0 in 2019-2021.

40 南京夜网 yuan, 0.

48 yuan, 0.

57 yuan profit forecast (the original EPS was 0.

38 yuan, 0.
46 yuan, 0.
55 yuan), corresponding to 28%, 19% and 19% growth rates in 2019-2021, implemented on April 16 (9.

87 yuan) corresponding to PE of 2019-2021 is 25 times, 21 times and 17 times. We are optimistic about Jierou’s growth logic in the industry and optimistic about the establishment of the company’s brand value. We give a target price of 11 in 2019.

63 yuan / share, maybe 17.

8% upside, corresponding to 29.

1x, maintaining the “overweight” level!

Risk Warning: Small and medium capacity exits are slow; the risk of rising pulp prices; intensified competition in the industry

Moderate drinking tea can stop itchy skin in winter

Moderate drinking tea can stop itchy skin in winter

Winter is a season of frequent pruritus, especially for older people.

In fact, there is a very simple and feasible method, that is, drinking a moderate amount of tea every day can help prevent itchy skin.

  Because tea is rich in trace element manganese.

Manganese is one of the 14 trace elements necessary for the human body. Manganese element has a significant protective effect on human skin. First, it can actively participate in many enzymatic reactions, promote protein metabolism, and improve the body’s ability to absorb and use proteins., And can improve the excretion of some harmful substances on the skin caused by the breakdown of proteins, which can reduce the adverse irritation to the skin; second, it can enhance the activity of galactosyltransferase and polysaccharide polymerase, and catalyze the metabolism of certain vitamins in the bodyIn order to ensure the normal progress of sebum metabolism and prevent skin dryness; the third is to promote the accumulation of vitamin b6 in the liver and enhance the body’s anti-dermatitis function, so manganese supplementation is the key to preventing skin itching.

  Tea is also called “polymanganese plant”.

Although there are many manganese in foods such as wheat, spinach, and cabbage, the human body absorbs the manganese in it, while bacteria and some animal liver and kidney foods are easily absorbed by the human body, but the content is reduced.
Therefore, in food supplemented with trace element manganese, tea has an advantage.

Where do men like to hide their private money

Where do men like to hide their “private money”

A bank card called “Sifang Qian” is popular nowadays (the homonym for “Private Money”). It is said that more men than women use this business.
How can men’s private house money be safe?
Let’s first see how men hide their private house money!
  Where do men hide their money?
  1、办公室抽屉  办公室抽屉通常是男人藏私房钱最方便的地方,只要与老婆关系没有紧张到水火不相容的地步,一般说来对方不会公然到你办公室撬你抽屉锁,所以私房钱放The probability of being found here is extremely small.
  However, this method also has obvious shortcomings, such as the collective theft of the office. According to statistics, more than 83% of the stolen private house money was lost, and the victims did not dare to speak up afterwards. They suffered a dumb loss and had to swallow their teeth.
  2. The dictionary of professional books and professional tool books are usually good places for men to hide their private house money, but it is important to note that you should not forget which book you hid in, otherwise it will be quite troublesome to find.
  There is also a premise to adopt this method. This is that my wife will not be too shrewd. The wife of a friend of mine works in the Interpol team and is a master at deciphering passwords. It is said that once, the clue of the phone number at home was 2253.”Ancient Chinese” on page 2253 successfully found a friend to hide the year-end bonus that was not reported, and was inspired by a friend ‘s birthday on September 24, and actually turned out on the dusty “Source of Ci” on page 924 to collect a half-year manuscript fee.
  3、内裤荷包  内裤,带荷包的内裤,私房钱藏在此处,一则可以防小偷,二则能够防老婆,但缺点是取钱步骤比较繁琐,即使买包香烟,也得先寻洗手间“”Convenient”, it can be seen that it is very inconvenient to get from this place when you want to use money.
  4. Existing banks: Based on trust in state-owned banks, depositing private house money in banks should be one of the safest methods. If you add a password, you can report the loss even if the deposit slip is stolen.
The only trouble is that the deposit slip must be put away. If it is found by his wife, even the password is not safe.
I have a friend who hid a passbook behind the photo frame that was married to my wife. As an experience and promotion, colleagues have not yet found any examples.
  5. Lending to a friend: Lending private house money to a friend is equivalent to treating a friend as a safe to hide private house money. It is unlikely that his wife will find it.
But the danger index is not small-after all, the IOU written by a friend to you is probably a fluttering two-finger piece of paper, which is easy to lose. You don’t want your friend to write an IOU, and you are afraid that the other person will turn his face and not recognize his account.
  6、销毁此文  以上各种藏匿私房钱的地方虽说都具有一定的保密和可操作性,但前提是不能为老婆所知,刊登此方的报刊更不能让老婆看到,必须尽快销毁,以Avoid your wife holding the article and asking for pictures.
  The reason why men hide their private house money is saying one: Men’s private house money is a special product of modern society.
  In every dynasty in the past, the husbands of five-footed men with bloody eyebrows never touched the words “private money”.
Private money is a woman’s patent.
When a woman buys daily necessities such as rice, oil, salt, and so on, she uses a few tricks. Over time, she has accumulated a small hidden savings, which is called “private money.”
Big-handed men are disdainful of doing this kind of small business.
If a certain man has private money, he must think that you are humiliating him and regard him as a woman.
  But now it’s different. Private house money has almost become a man’s patent: when you are paid, you have to hand in your wife; if you make a little money in business, you have to hand in your wife.
  In addition, the family deposit slip stated the first name of the wife, and all expenses in the family must be approved by the wife with a pen.
The man sitting in the parent’s tiger leather chair was lifted.
It really became the “proletariat”.
But the “proletariat” had to communicate, to be entertained, and to live decently in society, so he had a private house.
So where did the private money come from?
Go to the street to buy food, ride a car to run the market, where to buy it at a low price, but go home to report to the wife, the price is high; the wife asked to buy two pounds of goods, bought a pound and a half, although the wife’s white eyes,But in my heart was beautiful: “There is another box of cigarette money!
Baiyanguiyangui, complaining, complaining, it’s okay to be a little man at home, but when you go out, because you have money, your heart is not bad, and you can lift up your chest and support the manly husband.
  A few men are together. If anyone pulls out a pack of cigarettes, there must be a companion jokingly saying, “Have you saved a lot of private house money?
He smoked and said, “Our manly husband needs to play that little trick?”
“I said in my heart,” Our buddies are not each other yet? ”
Myth # 2: Men ‘s private house money was forced out by the female finance minister at home.
  In fact, it’s not a big deal for men to have private money.
People are social animals, all of whom die to save face when they are alive, especially men who want to face trees and bark, how can they always smoke others?
What about drinking old people’s wine?
The so-called “have no regrets,” so women can not “observe the slightest”, make men penniless, and make their men into “friends” in the eyes of friends.
What’s more, small amounts of money can’t make a big climate in the end, just like a small loach can’t afford a big wave.You prevent your husband from changing his face, but a deadly husband will change his face as soon as he is poor. The material must be reversed. The rabbit is anxious and bites, let alone a big-footed husband with a five-footed brows?

  Zheng Banqiao warns the world that it is rare to be confused. It should be the same for men ‘s private house money. It ca n’t be too savvy. He bought the vegetables and bought them. If you ca n’t, you can take out a spring scale to check.Isn’t fat water flowing out of the field?

If it is too true, the burglar guards the man like it, as time goes by, it will definitely hurt the relationship between the husband and wife.

As a wife, why don’t you think about it: a big head at home, a few odds for the husband, family savings, and a decent husband. This is the best of both worlds. Why not do it?

Eight types of people you can’t mess with in the workplace

Eight types of people you can’t mess with in the workplace

In fact, although some office staff members are not high-level, have little power, and have no direct working relationship with you, their location is very important, and their influence is everywhere.

Their qualifications are higher than you, and there are more stormy experiences in the office than you. It is easy to find faults and mistakes in you.

  Don’t underestimate the trivial things in the office, they can often affect your productivity; not to mention the so-called “little people” who are usually inconspicuous. Their potential can surprise you and even affect your performance and promotion.

Finance, personnel, secretary, boss’s confidant, co-workers at the next table, general affairs, computer management, working partners in other departments-is the “red light family” you absolutely can’t touch.

  The financial department must not think that the financial department is only making financial statements and issuing bills.

In the age of digital survival, the statistics of the finance department determine your budget size and performance. The finance staff has gradually moved from the traditional supporting role to the core of participating in decision-making. Their familiarity with the business of each department is simplyIt will surprise you; and the hesitation of money will make the boss obey them.

  Warning: Money is a doggie of power. When you do n’t have enough power, it is best to welcome them with a smile.

  People need to rely on them to enter the company. They also depend on them for survival. They need to be paid to raise salaries because they are everywhere, sometimes late, and early leave may not be too much, but as long as they want to do it, they can beat you anytime, anywhere.Little weak boy, where will your performance be better?

  Warning: The keen ear bosses need the most, remember to relax in the office for a while, and there are bright eyes behind you staring at you.

  Secretary In addition to the executive and business director, the secretary is definitely the number one person in the company.

They are the close friends of the boss, the staff, and maybe even the lover, and offending them is a matter of life. As long as he casually says a few words to the boss, your years of hard work will be ruined once.

  Warning: The key people who determine your success or failure, they can resist your hard work in a few words.

  They may be the oldest friends of the boss, the childhood partners, neighbors, or even the wife and lover of the boss. If they initiate the Weilai, the managers are afraid to avoid it, let alone you?

Moreover, they want to abolish you, absolutely killing someone with a knife and not seeing the blood. Except for Cangjie fled, you have no choice.

  Warning: Big Brother Big Sister is everywhere. The first thing you do when entering the company is to recognize them, keep a distance, and always face them with a respectful smile is your best choice.

  Distant relatives are worse than close neighbors. They look at you across the table. Your every move is in their eyes. They even hear your phone conversation. If they become a place close to you, you are too far away.It’s dangerous.

  Warning: Beware of the time bombs around you, bring “sunglasses” every day, lock all your files, and don’t expose any handles.

  On the surface, the general affairs seem suddenly insignificant and not so obvious, but you can’t do without them in one step, as small as a notepad or as large as office equipment. Do you want to let these trivial matters corrupt the mood of the day, or even corrupt them?Is your job record?

  Warning: general affairs include everything, even your promotion opportunities, so be polite and patient with them, what’s the big deal when applying for a book and following the prescribed procedures?

It’s better than what they say behind the scenes.

  If you change the name of computer management, you will understand how powerful they are-information managers.

In the information age, information is the company’s capital and life. They not only manage the company’s computer systems, but also hold the company’s most confidential information, including all your secrets, of course.

As long as they move their fingers, all your information may be missing, and then it will be too late to understand.

  Warning: The company’s spies and anonymous snipers, respect them, and ask them for advice in order to be invincible in the information age.

  The more partners in other departments want to achieve results, the more you need the cooperation of other departments.

If a project is put on hold in every department, what efficiency is there!

If you boo a few more times behind you, or pull in the department heads, who can tell the truth?

  Warning: Partners may also be professional users of “small shoes”. You should pay more attention to them, establish a good communication relationship, and interact with each other to benefit each other.

What should I do if I have acne?

What should I do if I have acne?

Click to buy Although puberty has passed, but too many office workers will occasionally return to youthful appearance of some “acne”, and there are two reasons for our unexplained acne, one is the human endocrine disorder, the otherOne is the insufficient permeability of skin care products and cosmetics. The pores are inserted, causing the pores to become swollen and inflamed. If you want to solve the sudden acne, you must start with the root cause.

  1. Prevent clogging of pores and prevent radiation. We mentioned some external skin care resistance methods. In fact, if you want to maintain endocrine stability and balance to prevent the unprovoked generation of acne, drink plenty of anti-radiation green tea and massage the lymphatic system.Promote skin detoxification and maintain a good mood are all good ways.

  2. Oil control is the key “dead muscle” of insufficient memory: before noon, it looks like a computer’s memory. If the skin is to maintain a good state, it must have sufficient internal power to transport nutrients smoothly.

For a long time in front of the computer, dry skin will have peeling, some oil will come out from the T-zone part of the mixed skin, and oily skin will have a serious condition that is full of oil before noon.

  In fact, these are caused by the increase of free radicals in the human body due to working pressure and computer radiation, oxidizing the active substances in the cells, causing the skin’s water storage capacity to weaken, the skin becoming dry, or desperately oiling.

  3. Antioxidation Although there is currently no skincare method that can completely replace the radiation of the computer, there are also many skincare products with certain resistance, such as olive polyphenols, which can remove free radicals in the body and have anti-radiation effects.

  In short, in order to solve the problem of sudden acne on the skin, in addition to using skin care products suitable for you, you also need to effectively clean the skin, change the culprits that easily cause pores to be clogged, and maintain good habits and habits to cure the symptoms.