Yifan Pharmaceutical (002019): Self-produced preparations achieve rapid growth. Calcium pantothenate boom gradually picks up

Yifan Pharmaceutical (002019): Self-produced preparations achieve rapid growth. Calcium pantothenate boom gradually picks up

Event: The company announced its 2019 Interim Report: 25 operating income.

180,000 yuan (+8.

27%), net profit attributable to mother4.

8.5 billion (-10.

04%), net of non-attributed net profit4.

3.2 billion (-16.

66%), EPS 0.

40 yuan, the performance is in line with expectations.

Opinion: The performance of the second quarter has improved significantly from the previous quarter, and the prosperity of the drug substance has gone out of low.

The company’s Q2 single-quarter revenue was 13.

8.2 billion (+28.

83%), net profit 3.

3.8 billion (+57.

75%), Q1 QoQ, the growth rate changed from negative to positive.

Among them, the calcium pantothenate plate H1 achieved income 5.

US $ 8.8 billion, -29% previously, estimated net profit2.

930,000 yuan, at least -31%.

The price of Q1 calcium pantothenate decreased from the high price base in the same period of 18 years, but Q2 was affected by environmental and security incidents and prices rebounded. The average price of Q1 was 181 yuan / kg, the average price of Q2 was 343 yuan / kg, and the average price of H1 was 270 yuan / kg.The average price of 18H1 is 182 yuan / kg.

19H1 calcium pantothenate is affected by factors such as African swine fever and bird flu, and its sales volume has decreased compared to 18H1.

However, the overall raw material drug sector has come out of a low point. It is expected that Q3 will maintain a high degree of prosperity, and it is expected to achieve growth under a low base in the same period last year.

The “531” key varieties were concentrated, and the preparation sector achieved rapid growth.

The 19H1 company focused on strengthening the cultivation of “531” core products, and the 19H1 preparations segment achieved revenue17.

840,000 yuan, a sharp increase of 32 before.


Of which the agent income is 8.

5.8 billion, an annual increase of 33%, income from self-made preparations9.

$ 2.5 billion, an increase of 32% per year.

Nearly half of “531”, such as self-products, completed bidding, clinical path and expert consensus, dehumidification and antipruritic ointment, pediatric Qingqiao granules, Fuyinkang lotion, Piminxiao capsules, ginkgo biloba pills, compound Yinhua Jiedu granulesThe core products achieved multiple growth, and the trend of concentrated volume began to show.

The price of calcium pantothenate continued to rise in the second half of the year, and the self-produced preparations entered the harvest period, and the performance will be significantly improved.

As of now, the terminal price of total acid calcium is 355 yuan / kg, and the Q3 API is expected to maintain a high level of prosperity.

The 16 key products of the “531” strategy began to focus on increasing the number of products and promoted the sales in the grassroots market. The compound Huangdai tablets were exported to Chile and other countries. They were selected into the European leukemia expert consensus and the WHO base medicine catalog. The preparation sector is expected to achieve a “qualitative leap”.
19H1 Jiannenglong completed the F-627 stock solution process verification production. It is expected that the BLA on-site inspection will be completed in the second half of the year. The preparation of the preparation plant will be completed by 2020. At the same time, the Sino-US dual newspaper will gradually unveil the blind spot. The innovative drug platform Jiannenglong R & D pipeline begins.Landing.
Profit forecast and estimation: The company added 23.9 million 杭州夜生活网 shares due to the equity incentive plan and adjusted its EPS in 19-21 to 0.



26 yuan (originally 0.


05/1.28 yuan), previously + 51% / 14% / 22%, corresponding to the 19-21 PE of 13/12/10, the current estimate is low, there is a performance recovery catalyst in the second half of the year, medium and long-term optimistic about the strategy of preparations and innovative biomedicinesOutlook, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the price of calcium pantothenate drops, and innovative drugs fail to meet expectations.

Wuliangye (000858) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Pu Wu Controlled by Volume and Efforts to Unleash Growth Potential

Wuliangye (000858) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Pu Wu Controlled by Volume and Efforts to Unleash Growth Potential

[Investment Highlights]The company released its annual report. In 2018, the company achieved a total operating income of 400.

3 billion, a year-on-year increase of +32.

61%; net profit attributable to mother 133.

840,000 yuan, +38.


In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s revenue was 107.

8 billion, +31.

32%; net profit attributable to mother 38.

900,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of +43.


The company’s performance is in line with market expectations.

In addition, the company plans to achieve a total operating income of 50 billion yuan in 2019, maintaining a growth rate of about 25% and maintaining rapid growth.

The volume of Wuliangye and a series of wines increased significantly, and the advance receipts increased significantly.

In 2018, under the brand strategy system of “1 + 3” and “4 + 4”, Wuliangye and its series of wines achieved significant volume.

The shipment volume of Wuliangye Liquor reached about 20,000 tons, an annual increase of about 11%.

Wuliangye series of wines achieved tens of billions of revenues, sales of about 170,000 tons, an annual increase of about 5%.

The company’s gross profit margin increased by 1.

80 to 73.

80%, mainly because the company initially modified the internal and external proportions of the delivery plan, disguisedly increasing the ex-factory price.

The sales expense ratio drops by 2 every year.

57 to 13.

13%, mainly due to the company’s channel price rationalization and good 杭州桑拿 sales of products, resulting in reduced market expenses.

In addition, the company’s advance receipts increased by 44 compared to last year.

36%, up to 67.

07 million yuan, reflecting the company’s channel confidence is full of vitality.

Wuliangye’s volume control is quite pricey, unlocking growth potential.

Judging from the feedback from the company’s dealer conference, Wuliangye liquor is expected to leave the factory in 2 in 19 years.

3 Growth rate, 15% per year.

As of now, the seventh generation Wuliangye has completed the planned payment, and the average undelivered amount is less than one month.

The channel approval price is around 820-830 yuan, and the dealer’s inventory is around January.

In March, the company has launched the seventh-generation Wuliangye Collector’s Edition, accounting for 9% of the previously planned volume, and the price is 859 yuan.

A new Wuliangye will be launched in June to improve the wine body and change the new packaging. Gradually the amount will be 35% to 5,250 tons, a decrease of 33 over the same period of previous year.

33% -41.

6%, but the price is 20-30 yuan higher than the collection.

In addition, the company’s organizational structure is hierarchical, from a large-area system to a provincial-level marketing theater system, and it has begun to fully introduce a digital platform to refine dealers, inventory and market-level management, and participate in profit distribution through corresponding channels of digital association.And strive to continue to boost the channel profits.

The company’s “price increase, production suspension, stock control, and channel management” expansion is expected to gradually increase the rigid price increase of Wuliangye Wine and Wine Terminals, thereby releasing the company’s future growth potential.

[Investment recommendation]Increase revenue and gross profit margin.

Estimated operating income for 19/20/21 is 491.21/585.


1.3 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 168.



30,000 yuan, EPS 4.



16 yuan, corresponding to PE 20.



29 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

[Risk reminder]Expansion of production capacity is less than expected; macroeconomic expansion is high; related national policy risks.

China Pet Holdings (002891) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Comments: Chicken Price Growth Performance Under Pressure and Long-term Competition Does Not Change

China Pet Holdings (002891) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Comments: Chicken Price Growth Performance Under Pressure and Long-term Competition Does Not Change

Core Views China Pet Holdings announced its 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report, and realized revenue in 201814.

100 million, an increase of 39.

09%, net profit attributable to mothers was 56.45 million, a decrease of 23.


Revenue for the first quarter of 20193.

800 million, an increase of 37.

45%, net profit attributable to mothers was 6.84 million, a decrease of 45.


The company’s product channel layout is basically completed, and it is expected to become a domestic pet food leader, maintaining its “Buy” rating.

Chicken prices have risen and performance has fallen in 18 years.

Affected by the release of overseas production capacity, the company’s overseas market realized revenue in 201811.

6 billion, an annual increase of 35.

02%, accounting for 82.


The company achieved a gross profit margin of 23.

31%, a decrease of 1 per year.

50 pieces, mainly due to the drag of rising chicken prices, the reported quantity, Shandong big breast chicken prices +11.

45%, company pet snacks gross margin of 20.

81% (82% of revenue), a decrease of 3 per year.


Raw material prices continued to rise, additional costs increased, and the company’s Q1 performance improved.

In the first quarter of 19, the price of Shandong chicken breast meat rose by 18%, which drove the overall gross profit margin down by zero.

12pct to 20.

69%, taking into account the increase in domestic revenue, 武汉夜网论坛 it is expected that overseas gross margin will decrease by about 1pc.

Through the increase of domestic sales development efforts and the layout of various teams, Q1’s sales expenses doubled, and the sales expense ratio was 8.

46%, an increase of 2 a year.

64pcts, management expense ratio 5.

1%, increasing by 0 every year.

51 points.

Multi-brand, omni-channel strategy, full bloom in the domestic market.

Since 2017, the company has accelerated its transformation to brand owners, mainly through two aspects: 1) the brand side.

Enriching around naughty brands, we have over 12 own-brands and 10 agency brands.

Naughty brands have also strengthened their brand influence by adjusting product formulas, rebranding, and developing new products.

2) Channel side.

The company focuses on online and continuously strengthens the coverage of professional channels.

At present, the company’s number of online flagship stores is in the forefront of the industry, and through in-depth cooperation with Ruipeng (Zhongpet holds Ruipeng 1

25% of the shares, the superstar that Ruipeng belongs to holds 6% of Zhongcang), and the company’s professional channel coverage capacity is expected to be further strengthened.
With the increase of e-commerce channels in 19/20, it is expected that the domestic market will still grow rapidly in 19/20.
Strategic cooperation with JD.com, convertible bonds increase production, and domestic channels are next.

On April 16, the company announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with JD. The company will customize its products based on user portraits and market trends provided by JD. The company will further cooperate in the field of big data and new retail.Suning, Tmall’s strategic partner after another platform, highlights the company’s understanding of e-commerce channels.

In addition, the company publicly issued convertible bonds and raised 1.

The 9-megawatt proposed wet grain project with an annual output of 3 inputs is expected to further increase its throughput.

Risk factors.


Industry growth rate; 2.

Brand building was less than expected; 3.

Risk of raw material price fluctuations; 4.

Increased risk of trade disputes.

Profit forecast and estimation.

The rapid development of China’s pet industry is catering to the “big industry, small leader” stage. While consolidating the advantages of the pet snack export market, the company is building more and more domestic independent brands. At present, the distribution and product end have been gradually completed.

Taking into account the increase in chicken prices in 19/20 and the expected expenditures again exceeding expectations, we lower the company’s 19/20 profit forecast and increase its 21-year profit forecast.

The company’s EPS for 2019/20/21 is predicted to be 0.



46 yuan (the original forecast for 19/20 EPS is 0.


47 yuan), maintain “Buy” rating.

Institutions focus on four major topics

Institutions focus on four major topics

Securities Times reporter Yan Cui was affected by the overall shock of the broader market and the gradual close of the semi-annual report. Last week, the enthusiasm for institutional research increased greatly, and the total number of listed companies surveyed by the agency also doubled.

  Four major themes are concerned According to statistics, last week, a total of 65 companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities received institutional surveys, which have doubled from 28 last week and 29 earlier in the week, of which 53 (about 80%) companies last weekLeading the way to achieve overall growth, Xinleieng, Hetai, Shenzhen Konka A, Luyan Pharmaceutical, and Kodali gained the top five in the week, respectively, 37.

3%, 31.

9%, 16.

5%, 15.

9%, 14.


  From the perspective of institutional research topics, last week the organization focused on four types of enterprises: the new energy vehicle industry chain, biomedicine, food consumption, and computers.

  On August 20, the National Medical Insurance Bureau officially launched the “National Basic Medical Insurance, Occupational Injury Insurance and Newborn Insurance Drug Catalogue”, a routinely approved drug list.

The number and grades of drugs in the new list of drugs have not changed much from the previous ones, but the variety of imported and imported products is diversified, and the structure of the drugs has changed a lot.

Analysis believes that after the publication of the new catalogue, the industry structure will change and industry differentiation will intensify. This may be one of the reasons for the large-scale study of biomedical related companies last week.

  According to industry trends, according to the industry trend, with the aging of the population and the continuous growth of medical expenditures, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow; with the new round of technological innovation driven, the rise of innovative biotechnology companies will change new drugsDevelopment pattern; In addition, China’s policy changes from encouraging the development of innovative drugs and improving drug quality will also bring new developments to the pharmaceutical industry.

According to the future prospects of the CDMO industry where the company is located, Botten said that based on the industry conditions in various dimensions, the company expects that the CDMO industry will maintain rapid growth in the next 5-10 years.

  Actively respond to the fluctuation of lithium battery raw materials. On August 19, the 2019 Global Automotive Industry Innovation Conference opened in Beijing.Planning for future industrial development. At the same time, last week, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also pointed out that it would support the establishment of pilots for fuel-free cars in restricted areas. The market passed the development confidence of the new energy vehicle industry chain in various aspects.Impact agency concerns.

  GEM said in an investigation on August 22 that in the first half of the year, under the severe unfavorable situation of the sharp decline in the price of cobalt metal, the company expanded its market development efforts and expanded the sales of new energy materials to effectively hedge the replacement of cobalt prices.The material segment’s production capacity was further released, with sales revenue reaching 41.

2.7 billion yuan, contributing 9.

48ppm, an increase of 2 per year.

19%, realized the stability and growth of the operating revenue of the battery materials sector, and the new energy materials business has grown into a strong support point for the company’s current and future performance.

  夜来香体验网On August 21, Yahua Group said in an institution study that due to the recession in new energy vehicles and the decline in state subsidies, and the impact of the “National Five” model price reduction, the market demand for new energy passenger cars shifted, power battery production was reduced, and lithium saltsProduct demand and prices have risen sharply, the reshuffle of the lithium industry’s superiority and inferiority has arrived ahead of schedule, and the industry has entered an adjustment period.

The decline in the price of lithium salt products objectively put pressure on the company’s performance in the lithium industry.

However, at the same time, the release of upstream lithium concentrate production capacity and the price of lithium concentrate also fluctuated, to a certain extent, hedging the impact of the decline in lithium salt product prices on the company’s performance.

Strengthen skin’s natural defenses and fight off dull muscles_1

Strengthen skin’s natural defenses

With the pavement of the introduction of skin care products, it is necessary to further repair the skin.

  Creating an effective “rehabilitation room” for repair creams used in early spring requires a rich texture.

The reason is that in addition to the lack of moisture in the skin that is starting to age, the oil content also begins to decrease.

A cream that can effectively resist environmental invasion and promote natural skin repairing functions, and can create an effective “rehabilitation room” for skin under pressure.

  Unique, with repair products such as essences that also have high repairing ability, it improves skin’s power up, up, up!

  Tips: 1. The correct method is easier to absorb.

Before applying, put the product in the palm of your hand, cover the heat with both hands, and then apply in a circular and dot-pattern manner to make the product replace and penetrate.

  2. Apply a thick layer of cream on the face at night.

Close the doors and windows at night, adjust the humidity and temperature.

When the room is dry in spring and your face is tight, you can apply an extra layer of repair cream to firmly lock the skin’s moisture at night and fully repair the skin.

  3, insufficient cream to solve “muscle thirst”, multiple bottles of moisturizing essence.

Moisturizing essence has a smaller molecular volume than cream, and can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the cream, the cream will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface layer to prolong the time that the water is evaporated.

  4. Wet the skin with boiling water vapor for five to ten minutes, and then apply a repair cream, which is also a good and economical method of moisturizing.

You can also put some moist plants in the room. It also has the function of moisturizing and filtering the air, making you feel fresh and comfortable in the cold early spring.

What are the 6 foods that are dry and dry in the fall?

What are the 6 foods that are dry and dry in the fall?

What to eat in the autumn, everyone knows that the weather in autumn is relatively dry, so we must pay attention to nourishing yin and removing dryness in the diet.

The following Chinese medicine practitioners recommend 6 kinds of foods suitable for autumn health diet.

Lets come look.

  1, pear: clear heart, fire, autumn, dry, everyone knows that pear not only has the effect of moistening dryness, relieving asthma, clearing heart and reducing fire, but also better alleviating “autumn dryness”, detoxification and detoxification.

Raw pears are cool, and the elderly should not eat too much at one time.

People with weak spleen and stomach can also be placed in rock sugar and stewed pear water, which is also a good way to eat.

  2, jujube: Ning Xin An Shen anti-allergic Many people know that jujube has the effect of blood, but few people know that jujube has peace of mind, mental health, appetite, in addition to astringency, anti-allergy, improveThe role of immunity, also high blood pressure, osteoporosis and anemia, is the best supplement for the elderly in the fall.

  3, chrysanthemum: Hurricane moist throat prevention of cold chrysanthemum can evacuate the wind and liver, clear heart and trouble, wind and throat, Shengjin Mingmu, hangover, have a certain auxiliary effect on colds and headaches.

The elderly can receive chrysanthemum tea properly in the fall, which can better achieve the maintenance purpose of eliminating the fire and lungs.

  4, sweet potato: prevent cancer, help detoxification sweet potato is evaluated as the best food on the table, it has the effect of preventing cancer, preventing constipation, and also has a good effect on weight loss, often eating sweet potatoes can prolong life.

  5, walnut: warm lung and asthma and brain supplement everyone knows that walnut nutrition is very rich, is the best food for the brain, is also a kidney-solidifying, warm lung and asthma medication, on kidney deficiency, frequent urination, cough and other symptomsHas a good effect.

Older people often eat walnuts, which can clear their minds and be clear-eyed.

  6, chestnut: spleen and stomach and nourish the chestnuts have the beauty of the king of the fruit, can not only spleen and stomach, but also to strengthen the kidney and strengthen the muscles, but also has the effect of promoting blood circulation.

In the autumn season, eating a few chestnuts every day is conducive to nourishing the vitality and strengthening the kidney essence.

  What to eat in the fall, everyone knows that the weather in autumn is relatively dry, so you should pay attention to eating more food to nourish and remove dryness when eating this season.

Yoga action for insomnia

Yoga action for insomnia

Insomnia Insomnia is no stranger to modern people.

What is it that makes people unable to sleep?

When the culprit’s spearheads are almost all directed at changes in psychology, pathology, medicine, life, and time, spine neuromedicine and yoga take a deeper look from the natural perspective and find that the above-mentioned causes of insomnia are ultimately attributed to autonomic nervous disorders andNutritional disorders in the body.

Therefore, in order to truly relieve insomnia, we must start with the autonomic nervous system that has balance and functional stability, and the fundamental factors of nutritional integrity and balance.

  Spinal neuromedicine and yoga exercise, while stretching muscles and promoting joint mobility, cooperate with deep breathing to remove obstacles that affect nerve function, allowing the body to relax and balance the nervous system and soft tissues in the most natural way.

P39 Yoga Action Therapy for Insomnia action 01 Action an arch bridge-type auxiliary prop: a blanket.

  Efficacy: Extend the upper back and recover muscles to help sleep.

  Do not push your body too far forward, most of your energy should be on your elbows.


Kneel on both feet, hands crossed and shake hands, elbows.


Take a small step forward with both feet.


Exhale, close your abdomen, and push your body forward slightly to stretch your slender and hip muscles.

Why homosexuality is becoming younger

Why homosexuality is becoming younger

Xiao Jing (pseudonym) is a sophomore in a university in Beijing.

The teacher in one of her favorite courses took great care of her.

With the increase of communication, Xiao Jing found herself more and more inseparable from the teacher.

Later, some intimate behaviors such as hugging and touching occurred between them. Xiao Jing didn’t mind too much, because they were both women anyway.

Until one day, when she was alone with the teacher, the teacher calmly told her that she was gay and wanted to have sex with Xiaojing!

Xiaojing heard a buzz in his head, something that was only heard on TV before, and now he was alive!

. But as time goes on, Xiao Jing gets deeper and deeper, and her heart is very worried and painful.

  This is a real case.

Homosexuality is a common pattern of behavior in human society.

But these are acknowledged in adulthood.

However, according to statistics from an official psychological counseling center in Beijing, they have received 7 homosexual consultations in the past year, and underage girls accounted for 5 cases.

What causes homosexuality to age?

How should we look at this phenomenon correctly?

  The proportion of homosexuals in the total number remained stable. Yu Hua, director of the psychological counseling department of the Beijing Youth Legal and Psychological Counseling Service Center, told reporters that in previous consultations, there were no more than five male and lesbians in one year, and they were all adults.
However, in the past year, their counseling room has received 7 homosexual consultations, and all of them were girls. Of these, 5 were underage girls, two were young adults and were college students.

Why are young girls gay?

In fact, the experience of a consultant does not reflect the homosexuality of the entire society.

Li Yinhe, a well-known Chinese sexology expert, believes that the reason for this reaction is that people have gradually become the problem, and put it on the table, soliciting the opinions of consultants.

  Sociological data show that the proportion of homosexuality in the total population has always maintained a fixed value: 3% to 4%.

Among them, lesbians are slightly less than gay men.

  Do not allow casual contact with heterosexual partners, and get emotional compensation from same-sex limbs. According to Yu Hua’s analysis, Xiao Jing’s contradiction comes from two aspects: the first is the lack of sex education.

Xiao Jing’s unsuspecting contact with the same sex stems from her ignorance of homosexuality.

At the same time, Xiao Jing’s encounter should cause us to recognize the construction of teachers’ professional ethics.

Li Yinhe believes that if the teacher uses an unequal power relationship to force students to have sex, she should be condemned, even between the opposite sex.

In addition, social media’s distortion of minors’ heterosexual relations and homosexuality is also the crux of Xiaojing’s pain.

Many cases of teenage homosexuality are more or less related to this.

A “good girl” in junior high school obeyed the parents’ “advice” and did not casually contact the opposite sex partner. As a result, she went to the other extreme and became obsessed with a girl in higher grades and could not extricate herself; a girl in junior high school too, because she was notTo the love and warmth of the family, I met a female college student and lived with her on gay online. She had sex with her, saying “I care about who I care about.” My father had an affair and his mother was weak and helpless. From the age of 4A junior college girl who played a protective role fell in love with the feeling of being a “boy”, and “gender confusion” occurred, becoming a member of homosexuality . whether it is youthful restlessness, family warmth, or a sense of security, once the lack of normalTo clear channels, children often get “compensation” in other ways.

These girls choose to get from same-sex partners.

“People’s main needs are different at each age. Primary school is mainly seeking protection. 20 to 30 years old is to find a sense of belonging, get married and have children.

“Yu Hua said,” If the needs are not met or over-satisfied at certain stages, problems will inevitably arise in the future working life.

“Same-sex sex is not equal to homosexuality. Should we take some measures to avoid the second and third” Xiaojing “or” quasi-Xiaojing “?

First, home is a place full of love and warmth.

In the Yuhua Theater, when parents find their children have “suspects” of homosexuality, they must not jump on the oscillator.

Once clarified, children are likely to form psychological hints and reinforce the concept of “I am gay.”

In this case, the child’s rebellious psychology is very strong, and blindly “talking” to the child is easily counterproductive.

Parents’ “mindless actions” will make future counseling more difficult.

Seek help from a professional consultant when necessary.

Moreover, parents should note that intimate partners during adolescence experience sexual sensations through various blind means, such as hugging, kissing, playing with external genitals, etc., are all homosexual behaviors, which does not mean that the child is gay.Li Yinhe told reporters that 37% of Americans have ever had same-sex sex, so parents should not panic when similar things happen.

There are two types of homosexuality, innate and acquired.

If it is inherently the physiological basis of homosexuality, the chances of change are zero.

If homosexuality is acquired the day after tomorrow, the “correction” through psychological counseling will be more serious than other types of psychological counseling.

“It’s not a bad thing for a child to have some distinctive sexual orientation, as long as the child is happy and does not harm others, no change is needed.

“Li Yinhe thinks so,” and the fact that parents around the world accept homosexual children is very low, which requires a process.

“Li Yinhe advises parents to give their children enough care and self-esteem, and not to increase pressure on them, because the suicide rate of the general population is about 1 in 10,000, and the suicidal tendency of homosexuals is as high as 30%. If the pressure of the child is too high, suicide.
  The problem of aging cannot be attributed to homosexuality itself in terms of universal sexual knowledge and education, and the role of society is equally trivial.

In the case of sexual harassment and physical assault, Xiao Jing should have bravely taken up legal weapons to protect her sexual ability.

The role of society is also manifested in the public opinion and reporting on homosexuality.

“Secret and undeclared” and “demonized reports” will cause distortion and harm to homosexuals. We should realize that all homosexuals behave in the same way as ordinary people except for their sexual orientation.

  Background homosexuality and same-sex attachment People can easily confuse homosexuality and same-sex attachment.

Of course these are two concepts.

Being attracted to the same sex mentally and physically and not interested in the opposite sex is homosexuality.

However, in a unisex environment such as a prison or the military, some intimate actions triggered by the need to meet the needs, or intimate partners experience sexuality through various blind means, such as hugging, kissing, playing with external genitals, etc., are all of the same sexSex does not mean they are gay.

In this way, we must not take lightly the typical same-sex dependence phenomenon in adolescence.

Because of the excessive attachment between the same sex, it is easy to lose their independence and complete personality, resulting in a sense of incompatibility in social interactions, trapping themselves in a small circle of interpersonal relationships, and it is easy for adults to develop into homosexuality.

Parents should adopt a gradual and tempting approach in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, encourage children to make more friends, consciously introduce several like-minded male and female students to their children, and let them learn, entertain, and socialize together to gradually reduce specificSame-sex attachment.

What are the benefits and contraindications of eating watermelon in summer?

What are the benefits and contraindications of eating watermelon in summer?

Introduction: Summer is the peak season of watermelon. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that watermelon has the effect of “relieving annoyance and quenching thirst, relieving summer heat, treating paralysis of the throat, widening the gas, treating blood stasis, relieving alcohol poisoning, and treating mouth sores with juice”In addition, watermelon is sweet and delicious, and it is one of the fruits people like to eat in summer.

Although there are many benefits of watermelon, there are also taboos, so do you know the taboos of watermelon in summer?

First, the effect of watermelon Watermelon contains a variety of vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, C, protein, a variety of minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc., glutamic acid, arginine, fructose in fruit juice, Malic acid content is extremely rich, the amount of up to 96.

6%, ranked first among all fruits and fruits, and has the reputation of “the king of fruits and fruits in summer”.

1, melon in watermelon, peel and seeds can be used as medicine.

There have been many records of medicinal herbs used in medical books in the past. It is believed that it has various effects such as relieving summer heat, quenching thirst, urination, treating laryngeal paralysis, and relieving alcohol poisoning.

Modern research also proves that watermelon does have many functions such as relieving heat, diuretic, antihypertensive and deworming, and has a wide range of medical uses.

2. Watermelon has a diuretic and swelling effect, which can expel the human body’s moisture or excess water, which has the effect of reducing heat and detoxifying.

3, cut the watermelon peel into shreds or slices, add water to the pot and boil, add tomatoes, eggs and seasonings, it will become a soup with a summer heat diuretic effect.

4, watermelon seeds have a hypotensive effect, take watermelon seeds kernel 9?
15 grams of decoction taken orally, or eaten raw or cooked and chewed, is enough to reduce blood pressure, suitable for patients with hypertension.

Watermelon roots and decoction leaves can treat diarrhea and enteritis. Watermelon skin is called “Watermelon Cuiyi” by traditional Chinese medicine. It has a sweet taste and is a good medicine for sore throat.

Second, the taboos of watermelon in summer watermelon is a good food, but there are taboos.

Watermelon is a cold product that expands coldness and coldness. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who have a lot of menstruation, chronic gastritis with indigestion, or those who are old or old.

Eating too much can easily hurt the spleen and stomach, causing bloating, diarrhea, and decreased appetite.

Because watermelon contains glucose and sugar, it is not appropriate for people with diabetes to eat more watermelon.

Ingesting too much watermelon at one time, a large amount of water in the watermelon will dilute the gastric juice, which will cause indigestion and reduce the resistance of the gastrointestinal tract.

1, watermelon should not eat too much, because watermelon is a “cold food”, anyone who eats too much will hurt the spleen and stomach, leading to poor appetite, indigestion and reduced resistance, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.

2. It is not advisable to eat before and after meals because a large amount of water in the watermelon will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach. Eating before and after meals will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and eating a lot of watermelons before meals will occupy the volume of the stomach., Make a variety of nutrients absorbed in the meal discount, especially the health impact indicators for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

For people who want to lose weight through dieting, eating watermelon before meals is a good way to reduce food intake.

3, eat less iced watermelon Although eating iced watermelon on a hot day has a great effect on relieving the heat, it is very irritating to the stomach and easily causes spleen and stomach damage, so you should pay attention to the delicious temperature and quantity.

It is best to put the watermelon in the bottom of the refrigerator. The temperature here is about 8-10 ° C. This temperature is also the best taste. Do not eat more than 500 grams each time, and eat slowly.

For those who have caries and are allergic to toothache when they are cold, and those who have poor functions, they should not eat iced watermelon.