Xinhua International Review: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Response to the Epidemic

Xinhua International Review: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Response to the Epidemic
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 25th, under the title: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Response to the Epidemic Examination, Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuyu Jinhua Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, international media have noticed that China is accelerating digital transformation and responding to the epidemic.This will not only help improve China’s “immunity” of the economy and society, but also become a new source of growth for long-term economic development.  In the eyes of international media, China has already become the world’s largest application of digital technology: AFP reported8.How 500 Million Mobile Internet Consumers Save the Retail Industry, The New York Times reported that a Hema Xiansheng rider delivered food and hope to online customers in Wuhan, and the Spanish National newspaper reported that 50 million students resumed classes at NailThe “South China Morning Post” reported how a chain supermarket closed in the eighth or eighth line of stores implemented a digital hotline conversion . on one side are the cold streets and on the other side, the hot online clouds, so the “cold and hot” coexisting dramatic sceneIt is a reflection of the dynamism of the Chinese economy in a special period, and it also indicates that it has great potential to be developed.  Digital technologies and applications have played a multi-level and multi-dimensional role in China in the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.  First, the role of the digital economy is significant.Online retail, which did not exist during the SARS period in 2003, now accounts for more than a quarter of total retail sales of consumer goods.In addition to online retail, cloud office, learning, online movie viewing, exhibitions, online games, entertainment, and O2O takeaways all achieved explosive growth during the epidemic.  In itself, the widespread application of digital technology is effective for epidemic prevention.”On-code management” for mobile personnel has greatly improved management efficiency; AI algorithms and cloud computing have shortened the time for genetic analysis and CT image interpretation of suspected cases; applications such as online consultation and hot maps have facilitated patient visits; local governments andThe “digital epidemic prevention system” adopted by the enterprise has accelerated the rate of resumption of work while accurately preventing epidemics.  Third, the digital epidemic resistance has also achieved governance gains.And SARS indicators, the scale 成都桑拿网 of China’s economy, more mobile populations, and more demand structures put forward higher requirements for modern governance.With the power of digital, agile governance and refined governance become possible.For example, during the epidemic, “in-person approval” is provided, government services are provided through digital platforms, resumption of work is differentiated through epidemic maps such as “five-color maps”, and differentiated personnel management is performed through “three-color codes.”  Economic underpinnings, epidemic prevention, efficiency gains, and governance gains-During the epidemic, digitalization has strengthened China’s economic and social “immunity.”The replacement that made all this happen in a short time is the development of China’s digital infrastructure since SARS, the growth of the digital economy, 杭州桑拿网 and the replacement of many digital platform companies such as Alibaba and Tencent.  After the epidemic, for companies, digital strategies are no longer “optional” but “required”.This involves not only the digital transformation of production, logistics, and sales channels, but also the digital transformation of organizations and management that match it.For the general public, the significance of digitalization will not only be limited to online consumption and entertainment, but also include digital learning, communication, work and other internal digital lifestyles.For governments, digitalization has become a necessary part of the modernization of governance systems and capabilities.  Looking back on the history of global economic development, each crisis may become a catalyst for a new round of development. The oil crisis of the 1970s led to the rise of the Japanese automobile industry, and the global climate crisis catalyzed the development of the new energy industry.Crisis and development always go hand in hand. Because crisis brings change, change breeds development.  Change has happened.From the perspective of China’s economic development stage, the per capita national income has exceeded US $ 10,000, and the digital upgrade of the economy is a key step for China to move towards a high-income stage.Looking around the world, digital transformation will also become the breakthrough point of another international development competition after industrialization and informationization.Embrace digitization and speed up your running without hesitation.

Baby-friendly room (603214): Speeding up the exhibition store and continuously optimizing the supply chain

Baby-friendly room (603214): Speeding up the exhibition store and continuously optimizing the supply chain

Event: The company achieved operating income in 201821.

400 million, +18 per year.

1%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

200 million yuan, +28 per year.

2%; net profit after deduction to mother 1.

0 ‰, +24 a year.


Among them, the single-quarter revenue of 2018Q4 was 6.

200 million, +19 a year.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 0.

500 million, +18 a year.


The gross profit margin hit a new high, and the expense ratio rose slightly during the period.

The company’s gross profit margin increased by 0 in 2018.

36pp to 28.

8%, a record high. Initially, product structure adjustment and continuous optimization of the supply chain; the expense ratio rose during the period.

56pp to 21.

4%, of which, the sales expense ratio increased by 1.

23pp to 18.

2%, the management expense rate dropped by 0.

55pp to 3.

0%, the financial expense ratio fell to 0.

12pp to 0.


Accelerate the layout of advantageous areas and expand horizontally across regions.

(1) Advantage areas: As of the end of 2018, the company has established 223 directly operated stores in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Fujian. The number of new stores opened by the company in 2016-2018 was 27, 37, 33, and 45, with a net increase of stores.The number is 15, 20, 10, 34, and the speed of opening a store has been increasing.

(2) New area: At the end of 2018, the company announced that it would control Chongqing Taicheng to control about 20 stores (about 7-8 million yuan in revenue) in Fuling District, Chongqing. In the future, Chongqing will be the base to open up business in the Southwest market.Layout for entering new areas.

Optimize the product structure and strengthen the company’s supply chain.

(1) Increase the proportion of own-owned products: the company’s own-brand products sales in 20181.

800 million, accounting for 9% of merchandise sales, more than + 29%. The gross profit margin of own products is 10 points higher than the existing one. It is expected that the proportion of own products will reach 20% in the next three years.

(2) Increase direct supply brands.

In 2014-2017, the company’s direct gold mining accounted for 44.

0%, 50.

1%, 57.

8%, 60.

1%, the company reached a direct supply confirmation agreement with Royal Friesland in 2018, and the proportion of direct supply will be further increased in the future.

(3) High-end merchandise: The company is positioned in the mid-to-high-end maternal and infant market. In the future, it will further expand the procurement channels for mid-to-high-end brand products and strengthen brand cooperation.

Directors are deeply restrained by equity incentives.The stock incentive plan announced by the company in early 2019 is proposed to grant 55, including senior management, middle management personnel, etc., a total of 2.12 million shares, accounting for 2% of the total equity.

12%, the lifting of the sale restriction period is divided into three phases.

Profit forecast and rating.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 1.

500 million, 1.

800 million, 2.

200 million, the EPS is 1.

00 yuan, 1.

23 yuan, 苏州桑拿网 1.

48 yuan, corresponding to PE is 42/34/29 times.

Covered for the first time, giving “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: The store development speed and store operation efficiency are lower than expected; the chain retail model has risks such as rent growth.

Borui Medicine (688166): High Barrier Intermediate Pharmaceutical Ingredients Integration Enterprise

Borui Medicine (688166): High Barrier Intermediate Pharmaceutical Ingredients Integration Enterprise

Investment Summary The company is an integrated production company of high barrier intermediates, APIs and preparations. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of high-tech barriers to pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and preparations. It has established a semi-synthetic technology platform for fermentation.Sex drug technology platform, polycarbonate nanotube technology platform and non-biological macromolecular technology platform and other core drug research and development technology platforms, and gradually establish the integration of bulk drugs and preparations, the combination of generic drugs and innovative drugs, the international market and the domestic marketBusiness system.

The company’s main products include entecavir, caspofungin, micafungin, posaconazole, everolimus, and fondaparinux sodium, etc., which have achieved GMP certification in China, the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea.

In the field of innovative drugs, the company has completed technology transfer or long-term technology transfer contracts in some of its products and reserves the right to split sales after the drug is marketed.

The company also has a number of new anti-viral infections and anti-tumor drugs entering preclinical research.

In 19Q3,深圳桑拿网 the company achieved operating income of 31,343.

530,000 yuan, an annual increase of 23.

11%, gross margin 62.


Achieved net profit of 6377.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 54 in ten years.


Implement EPS0.

17 yuan.

The company’s revenue and profit growth are stable. The company’s revenue mainly increases the sales of generic drugs such as caspofungin, micafinen, pimecrolimus, and entecavir.

The main business income of the company in Q3 2019 was 20092.

480,000 yuan, 31,677.

50,000 yuan, 40750.

330,000 yuan, 31343.

530,000 yuan, 2017?
In 2018, they increased by 57.

66%, 28.

64%, 23.


The previous net profit attributable to mothers was 1706.

100,000 yuan 4587.

640,000 yuan, 7320.

200,000 yuan, 6377.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 168 each year.

90%, 59.

56%, 54.

1无锡夜网5% of the funds raised were used for the net amount of funds raised by the company to expand the production capacity of the drug substance.

US $ 400 million, which is mainly used for the construction of 11 kinds of APIs for the Taixing base. The construction period is 24 months and the total investment is 35,955.

20,000 yuan.

It is expected to achieve an annual operating income of 55,078 after reaching full capacity.

One million yuan and a net profit of 20,651.

0 million yuan, investment profit rate of 76.

58%, static investment payback period (after tax) 4.
96 years.

Profit forecast we expect 2019?
Realize income in 2021 5.
10 billion, 6.

09 billion, 7.

3.3 billion yuan, an increase of 22.

86%, 21.

66%, 20.

46%, net profit attributable to mothers was 95.32 million yuan, 115.65 million yuan and 133.89 million yuan, an annual increase of 30.

21%, 21.

34%, 15.

77%, the corresponding reduction after return is 0.

23 yuan, 0.

28 yuan and 0.

33 yuan.

Risk factors include, but are not limited to: technical risks: including less-than-expected progress in the development of new products, loss of technical staff, etc .; internal control risks: if the company’s internal management capabilities cannot adapt to the expansion of business scale, it will affect the company’s efficiency and profitability;Operational risk: Volume purchase, DRGs or other policies may affect the company’s corresponding product prices of customers, and customers have the need to find more favorable sources of APIs or negotiate the purchase price; performance risk; overseas market competition risk; The progress of the fund-raising projects was less than expected: If the progress of the company’s fund-raising projects exceeds expectations, it may affect the realization of the company’s new profit point, and may achieve the company’s profits.

Product quality risk: If there is a problem with the company’s product quality, it will cause adverse effects on the company’s credit and sales.

Others: including environmental risks and exchange rate risks, etc.

Fuling Mustard (002507) Annual Report 2018: Multiple Product Types and Dual Brands Continue to Power

Fuling Mustard (002507) Annual Report 2018: Multiple Product Types and Dual Brands Continue to Power

The performance was in line with expectations, and Q4 accelerated the company’s 2018 revenue by 19%.

14 billion (+25.

92%), net profit attributable to mother 6.

6.2 billion 南京夜网论坛 (+59.

78%); 18Q4 revenue 3.

69 billion (+25.

86%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

3.9 billion (+25.

66%), 18Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 revenue growth rates were 47.

72%, 23.

71%, 11.

01%, 25.

86%, Q4 chain acceleration was mainly due to the low base of the previous value and the benign digestion of channel inventory.

18-year gross profit margin 55.

76% (+7.

54pcts), net interest rate 34.

57% (+7.

33pcts), mainly due to the scale effect and the main effect of the price increase of the main squeezed vegetable products in 18Q4.

18-year sales expense ratio 14.

68% (+0.

21 pcts), mainly due to the implementation of the “large flood irrigation” activities in the first half of 18 to increase promotion costs.

Received cash in 18 years for selling goods and providing labor services.

42 billion (+13.

45%), net operating cash flow 5.

5.9 billion (+6.

88%) and improved cash flow.

Steady development of main products and rapid growth in emerging regions. From the perspective of specific businesses, they accounted for over 85% of mustard product revenue16.

2.8 billion (+26.

76%), with a gross profit margin of 57.

44% (+8.

65 pieces), maintaining steady growth; accounting for over 7% of table appetizers (including kelp and radish products) revenue1.

34 billion (+25.

93%), gross profit margin 49.

58% (+3.

14pcts); accounting for nearly 7.

7% Kimchi Revenue1.

4.7 billion (+19.
31%), gross profit margin 44.
34% (-1.


From a regional perspective, mature regions account for 29.

48% in South China 5.

6.4 billion (+14.

28%), accounting for 9.

53% of the Southwest

8.2 billion (+14.

16%) and other areas maintained steady growth; emerging regions such as East China, North China, Northeast China, Central China, Northwest China and Central Plains maintained growth rates of more than 30%, of which 4 accounted for 4%.

15% of Northeast China has zero revenue.

7.9 billion (+30.

68%), it is expected that revenue in 19 years is expected to exceed 100 million.

The product variety is diversified. As a leader in the mustard industry, the troika company has the industry pricing power.

At present, the company adheres to three major product strategies-mustard, kimchi and sauces, and divides the product into main products (80g mustard), key products (fast growth rate, expected to become the main products in the future) and new products (such as dried radish and kelp silk))Wait.

In 18 years, the company newly developed 22g small crispy pickled mustard, 400g pickled radish, pickled cabbage and pickled bamboo shoots. Among them, pickled radish, pickled cabbage and pickled bamboo shoots belong to Wujiang pickles. The company continues to promote the leisure of pickled vegetables and the independent development of pickled vegetables.
The company will continue to sink channels, develop new retail terminals by region and support strategic distributors to grow larger, and establish sales networks covering third- and fourth-tier cities nationwide.

Investment suggestions We are optimistic about the company’s dual-brand strategy and the promotion of mustard leisure. We forecast EPS 1 in 2019-2021.



50 yuan, corresponding to PE28 / 23/19, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks indicate food safety issues; national expansion is less than expected; capacity expansion is less than expected;

5 tips to double the effectiveness of beauty products

5 tips to double the effectiveness of beauty products

I bought a lot of skin care products and wiped them, but I didn’t see any obvious effect?

How to double the cost of expensive beauty products?

In fact, as long as you master some tips in your daily nursing work, your skin care products will play a better effect!

Today I will teach you a few practical tips when using beauty products, so that you get the best maintenance results!

  Facial massage cream doubles the absorption effect rule: Wash your hands and face before massage, apply massage cream on the body, and gently press on the skin with your palm or fingers during massage.

The general massage direction is at right angles to the facial wrinkles.

The specific massage is performed in six steps.

  Initially, both hands were conical at the same time, and gradually moved up. When they reached below the eyes, they moved to the top of both sides.

  In the second step, use your index finger with both hands, move your middle finger back and forth along the front and back, and gently insert all fingers when you reach the forehead.

  In the third step, use your forefinger and ring finger to move from the center of the upper and lower lips to the corner of the mouth, and insert them gently with all fingers when using the cheekbones.

  The fourth step, gently massage up and down on both sides of the nose with the middle fingers of both hands.

  The fifth step, use both hands forefinger and ring finger to extend from the inner eye (inner corner of the eye) of each eye, and move it to the vertical part (around the temple) with all fingers gently.

  The sixth step is to gently step on the forehead with the root of one palm, and the five fingertips gradually move up to the hairline, and then use the other hand to repeat the same method, repeat 3-4 times.

  The rule of doubling the effectiveness of T-zone care: T-zone care requires a two-pronged approach, and multiple weekdays need attention. It is also a good idea to try professional products every week.

Always bring oil-absorbent paper around, and absorb excess oil in time for T-shaped parts.

Use a special mask for the T zone and take care of it once a week to remove the acne and blackheads that have formed, preventing excessive oil accumulation from forming acne.

  The rule of doubling the absorption effect of eye cream: Some people will use white cream on the bottom of their eyes after using eye cream. This does not necessarily mean that the eye cream you use is too much oil and does not match your skin. Sometimes they are caused by yourGestures are not correct, and they are too much invisible.

  1. Apply a little bit of eye cream to the ring fingers of the left and right hands.

  2. Rub left and right hands evenly.

  3, from the outside to the inside of the eye always gently point.

  The correct method of the above method is to perform a circular massage along the inner corners of the eyes, upper eyelids, tails, and lower eyelids, so that the skin is completely absorbed.

  The principle of doubling the effect of lip care: Natural moisturizer-honey: Honey has a very good affinity with the skin. It is widely used as a natural beauty material. Its natural moisturizing ingredients are very suitable for protecting the lips.

If the lips feel dry, apply honey lightly on the lips, this is also a good way to care for the lips.

Apply moisturizing lip mask and make good use of lip balm, which can be gently massaged to promote blood circulation.

  When your lips are dry and peeling, you can use a lip repair cream as a base before applying lip makeup.

Oily lip balm is more moisturizing, but it is easy to make lipstick bloom, so you should avoid using it before applying lipstick.

If the drying phenomenon is not serious, you can directly use a more moisturizing oily lipstick.

  The principle of doubling the effectiveness of supplementary care: improving the skin’s poor elasticity, thin skin, and the intensity of massage should be as light as possible.

First, the neck cream is evenly absorbed into the hands, and the fingers of both hands slightly lift up and pull up the loose muscles in the upper middle.

The recovered skin is horizontal. Do not lay it horizontally while massaging, but use a circular motion upward.

Tilt your head to the left, and push the belly of your fingers upward from what is called the lower end to the back of your ears.

Pay attention to the technique when massaging. Although the method of massaging from top to bottom has the advantages of accelerating metabolism and facilitating drainage and detoxification, it may lead to more serious skin relaxation, so it is not recommended.

Lean your head back, raise your thumbs, push the excess meat from the chin forward to the chin, and then slowly move to the left and right ears in the same way.

Repeating the above action 3 times and doing it every night before going to bed is good for preventing the fine lines of complications, relieving the fatigue of the day and the health of the cervical spine.

Yoga beginners must see the popular version of worship

Yoga beginners must see the popular version of worship

Foreword: Although everyone advocates practicing yoga now, do you feel a little confused and don’t know where to start?

The set of yoga introduced below is a “sunday popular version” specially designed for yoga beginners by the famous Cicada Yoga Studio. It is not difficult to move. Take time to practice every day and the effect will be very good.

  Posture one: Prayer practice: Stand upright with your feet together.

Put your hands together on your chest.

Relax your body.

Mix your breath.

  Strength: establish a state of concentration and serenity to prepare for the exercises to be done.

  Posture 2: Arm extension (vertical upwards) Practice: Raise the upper arm over your head, separate parallel to shoulder width.

Slightly tilt your head back and your upper body.

  Breathing: Inhale when the human body is raised.

  Fractures: Fractures of the abdominal organs, thus eliminating excessive minorness and improving digestion.

Exercise your arm and shoulder muscles.

Strengthen the spinal nerve and open the lung lobe.

  Posture 3: Forward bending (hand-to-foot) practice: bend your body forward until your hands or fingers touch any step on the foot or on the ground in front of your feet.

Use your forehead to touch your legs, but do not strain.

Keep your knees straight.

  Breathing: Exhale when your body bends forward.

In the final position, try to contract your abdomen and exhale as much as possible.

  Evidence: Improve elimination or prevention of stomach or diabetes and reduce excess mortality from diabetes.

Improve digestion.
Helps eliminate constipation, softens the spine and strengthens the spinal nerves.

  Posture 4: Riding style: Try to move the typical right leg backwards.

Bend your left leg at the same time, but keep your left foot in place.

Keep your arms straight and in place.

At the end of the movement, the body weight is supported by two hands, left foot, right knee and right toe.

In the final position, your head should be tilted back, your back arched, and your gaze up.

  Breathing: Inhale as your right leg contracts backwards.

  Fractures: Massage abdominal organs and improve their mobility.

Strengthen your leg muscles for nerve balance.

  Posture 5: Mountain-style practice: Straighten your legs, put your feet together, your body prone, your shoulders tilted in the air, and your head lowered so that it lies between your arms.

The body should become two sides of a triangle.

With your legs and the UN in the final position, straighten your feet on the ground.

  Breathing: Exhale while straightening your legs and bending your torso.

  Strength: Strengthens the coaxial and two-leg nerves and muscles.

The spine is bent in the opposite direction from the previous posture, thus further increasing the spine’s softness.

Strengthen the spinal nerves and supply them with fresh blood.

  Posture six: Eight-body throwing method: Put your body down to the ground, so that in the last position of this posture, you only have your toes, knees, knees, hands, and chin touching the ground.

The hips and abdomen should be lifted slightly off the ground.  Breathing: Hold your breath after exhaling.

  Pros: Strengthen thigh and arm muscles.

Development form.

  Posture 7: Cobra style: Straighten the length and lift your body from the waist.

With your head tilted back, this stage is the same as the cobra-style final position.

  Breathing: Inhale as you lift your body and back of your bow.

  Retina: The abdomen is compressed to help squeeze the blood from the abdominal organs.

This posture is very useful for all stomach problems, including indigestion and urine.

The back of the bow exercises the spine, softens the muscles and rejuvenates the most important spinal nerves.

  Posture eight: Mountain-style practice: Straighten your legs, put your feet together, lean your body forward, your shoulders in the air, and your head lowered so that it lies between your arms.

The body should become two sides of a triangle.
With your legs and the UN in the final position, straighten your feet on the ground.

  Breathing: Exhale while straightening your legs and bending your torso.
  Strength: Strengthens the coaxial and two-leg nerves and muscles.

The spine is bent in the opposite direction from the previous posture, thus further increasing the spine’s softness.

Strengthen the spinal nerves and supply them with fresh blood.

White-collar women’s office diplomatic regulations

White-collar women’s office diplomatic regulations

Six guidelines for women’s white-collar office diplomacy: 1. Don’t have close personal relationships with colleagues.

  Friends are usually the first people we think of when we encounter difficulties, but once the best friends encounter conflicts of interests, they will inevitably conflict.

  Normally close personal relationships may bury time bombs for themselves, and even when they conflict with one another, they may even cause serious psychological damage.

  2. Warm every colleague with enthusiasm.

  Learn to come to the company every day and say to every colleague you meet: Hello.

Whether you are a colleague in the same department or not, you must take the initiative to say hello.

The general manager, the director, the data officer, the doorman, and the cleaners. Everyone only has a different division of labor, and there is no distinction between high and low.

What you need to remember is that respect for others means respect for yourself.

  3, groom yourself and praise others.

  Professional women’s appearance modification is definitely the beginning of good work every day. The correct clothing and elegant makeup can not only adjust the office atmosphere, but also create a beautiful mood.

While beautifying yourself, don’t forget to praise the colleagues around you, don’t be afraid of nausea. In fact, everyone needs a little praise.

  4. Respecting leaders also requires efforts to communicate.

  Too many women overtake men for fear of being gossiped by others.

In fact, proper communication will definitely create a good environment for your work.

Of course, contact with leaders is best to choose some lunch during working hours.

  5. Make good use of gifts to build good relationships.

  Colleagues are promoted, birthdays, visas are granted, and happy events, large and small, are constantly appearing.

At this time, the small gift that is just right can even show the warmth of consensus.

A box of chocolates, a bottle of perfume, a wallet, a gift as a carrier of emotions can often play a pivotal role.

  6. Excellent work changes the impression of the vase.

  Women with good looks are easily regarded as vases, so they must work harder at work.

He is good at expressing his own opinions, establishing a clear working attitude, having the courage to take responsibility, and speaking with facts often saves eloquence.

Choosing sneakers, thick bottom is the most important

Choosing sneakers, thick bottom is the most important

Many people often only pay attention to the appearance and fashionable style when buying sports shoes.

In fact, when choosing sports shoes, the most important thing is to see if it can meet the needs of different sports.

If you still have some confusion when choosing sports shoes, that doesn’t prevent you from citing the recommendations of the latest issue of the US Consumer Reports magazine.

  There is no form of movement between the two, and the matching sneakers have one thing in common: they can support your feet and cause injury; increase friction and reduce the chance of slipping; shock absorption, and protect joints.

According to statistics, more than half of the sports injuries in American amateur sports are caused by abnormal sports shoes.

But different sports have different requirements for sports shoes.

Walking should choose heels, shoes with better shock absorption at the soles of the feet; under normal circumstances, running shoes are lighter than walking shoes, shock absorption is stronger, so as to effectively protect bones and joints; and tennis, volleyball and basketballYou need to stop, move sideways and run fast. Therefore, shoes with thick soles and good friction are the first choice. If you are a golf, bicycle, football, rugby and softball enthusiast, it is best to prepare a pair of professional sports shoes.

  Choosing whether to fit the sneakers is the first factor, and shock absorption, stability, elasticity and breathability are also important.

Shoes with good shock absorption performance can slow down the impact of external forces on the feet; stable shoes can protect foot replacement; shoes with high breathability can change the rapid volatilization of foot sweat, reducing the risk of bacterial and dust infection on the feet.

In addition, special attention should be paid to five areas.


The upper should be breathable.

Sneakers need to filter synthetic air cable with good air permeability as the material, the toe area should be wide, and the toe diameter should be braked; the heel should also ensure that the heel can slide back and forth.


Elastic sole.

The sole usually has a bladder or a certain support, and it has a strong elasticity when stepping on it.


Removable and washable insole.

The insole is the layer closest to the foot, which can slow down the impact of sports on the sole and prolong the life of the shoe.

However, the insole must be removable and washable to ensure hygiene inside the shoe.


The reflection area is obvious at night.

The upper of sports shoes should have a reflective area that resists, and people who alternately like to run at night are safer.


Shoelaces are easy to tie.

It’s best to knit, plastic or metal speed laces, so that you can easily and conveniently tie your laces.

  It needs to be reminded that the foot shape should also be considered.

The average person’s foot has three types: low or flat arch, normal arch and high arch.

People with flat arches should choose a pair of shoes with a hard back and steering support; those with high arches should choose shoes with strong shock absorption and heel stability.

  The way to determine your foot shape is simple: soak your feet in water and step on the ground or cardboard.

If you can see the shape of most of your feet, it may be a low arch; if you can barely see it, it may be a high arch.

In addition, old shoes can also be judged. When the shoes are placed on a table, if the shoes are inclined, it may be a high arch; if they are inclined inward, they may be a low arch.