Teach you to make two kinds of health tea

Teach you to make two kinds of health tea

Guizhi Gegen tea is suitable for the upper body.

  Material: Guizhi 4.

5 grams, 15 grams of medlar, Pueraria, 6 grams of Salvia, 4 mulberry leaves.

5 grams.

  Efficacy: Guizhi has the function of expanding skin blood vessels, sweating and relieving heat; phlegm can nourish blood and nourish yin, promote immune function and hematopoietic function; Gegen helps upper body to sweat and relieve heat; Danshen can promote blood stasis; mulberry leaves clear heat and cool blood.

  Practice: Due to the reduction of the amount of some medicinal materials, buy 2 times of medicinal materials at a time, divide all the materials into 2 parts, add 250 ml of hot water per serving, and replace them in about 5 minutes.

  Lemon Shouwu tea is suitable for the lower body.

  Ingredients: 1 tablespoon lemongrass, 6 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 9 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 6 grams of Chuanxiong, 2 tablespoons of black beans and red beans.

  Efficacy: lemongrass has a stomach and intestines, eliminating greasy effect; Heshouwu Yijing blood, liver and kidney; female scorpion can make liver and kidney, nourishing Yin eyesight; red beans, black beans can blood and diuretic, eliminate edema, promote metabolism;Chuanxiong is feasible to promote blood circulation.

  Practice: mash the lemon grass, Polygonum multiflorum, Ligustrum lucidum, Chuanxiong, black beans, red beans, add 250 ml of hot water for brewing, and rub it for about 5 minutes.

Obese people are wary of stubborn liver

Obese people are wary of stubborn liver

Hepatic liver refers to the deformation of excessive accumulation of helium in hepatocytes due to various reasons.

Adult liver disease is a serious threat to the health of Chinese people and has become the second largest liver disease after viral hepatitis. It has been recognized as a common cause of occult cirrhosis.

Hepatic liver is a common clinical phenomenon, not an independent disease.

Its clinical manifestations are asymptomatic, and the severe cases are fierce.

In general, unfortunately, liver is a reversible disease, and early diagnosis and timely treatment can often return to normal.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in dietary structure, the unfortunate liver known as the modern “rich disease” has increased significantly in its incidence.

A recent survey showed that 20% of adults with liver complications occurred in adults around 30 years old in Guangzhou.
30%, a university in Shanghai has a transformation of liver.

8%, a university in Beijing has a transformation of 11%.

What kind of disease is the liver?

What harm does it have to human health?

How to prevent and treat sputum?

On these questions, the reporter interviewed Dr. Hou Peng, director of the Department of Gastroenterology, 304 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army

The function of the liver and Dr. He Huhou first speak from the function of the liver.

He said that the liver is the largest chemical plant in the human body, and it bears important functions such as digestion, detoxification, and secretion. People’s life activities are inseparable from it.

The nutrients we eat in three meals a day must rely on the liver for processing, in order to provide the needs of human life activities.

It can be said that if the human body has no liver, there will be no life, the liver will be damaged, and health will be compromised. Therefore, caring for the liver means caring for life.

Dr. Hou said that normal human liver tissue contains a small amount of small amounts, such as triglycerides, phospholipids, glycolipids and cholesterol, which weighs about 4% of the liver weight.

If for some reason the abnormal accumulation of the liver inside, more than 10%, or even 15% of the weight of the liver, it is called abnormal liver.

It is the scourge of eating and drinking: the common cause of liver in adults is the cause of liver in some adults. Dr. Hou said that the increase in the incidence of liver in pregnant women is closely related to the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in diet.

Including nutritional disorders, heavy drinking, diabetes, hepatitis, metabolism and endocrine disorders and many other reasons.

One of the causes: long-term alcohol abuse.

After alcohol enters the human body, it is mainly catabolized in the liver. The toxicity of alcohol to liver cells causes the liver cells to block the decomposition and metabolism of fatty acids, causing the deposition of harmful substances in the liver and causing unfortunate liver.

The more you drink, the more serious your liver will be.

The second cause: overnutrition.

Long-term intake of excessive animal waste, vegetable oil, protein and residues, these foods can not be fully utilized in the body, excess nutrients are converted into feces stored, leading to obesity, hyperlipidemia and fecal liver.

According to a study in Heilongjiang, the incidence of unfortunate liver in severely obese children is as high as 80%, and there are 8 unfortunate livers among the 10 “fat”.

The third cause: malnutrition.

Dr. Hou’s candidate said that obese people are prone to have fecal liver, but it is not that thin people will not get fecal liver. It is often found in clinical practice that some people are very thin but also have hepatitis.

Long-term malnutrition, certain certain proteins and vitamins, can also cause nutritional deficiency in obese liver.

Japanese tofu is pseudo tofu

Japanese tofu is “pseudo tofu”

With the increasing awareness of public health, tofu has become the most common dish on the Chinese family’s table.
At present, there are more and more tofu varieties in the supermarket. There are South tofu (water tofu), northern tofu (old tofu), tofu, lactone tofu, oil tofu, Japanese tofu, etc. What are the differences in the nutritional content of different varieties of tofu?What is the difference between the methods?
The reporter interviewed the food experts to answer questions for readers.
  Japanese tofu is “pseudo tofu” Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the College of Food Science of China Agricultural University, told reporters that tofu is rich in nutrients, contains many trace elements necessary for the human body, and is also rich in high-quality protein, which is known as the “plant meat”.
The digestion and absorption rate of tofu is over 95%.
Two small pieces of tofu can meet the daily calcium requirement of a person.
Modern medicine has confirmed that tofu has the functions of increasing nutrition, helping digestion and appetizing, and it is also beneficial to the growth and development of teeth and bones.
  However, from the perspective of its raw materials, tofu can be called tofu, which is made from soybeans and black beans. Derivatives such as Japanese tofu are not really tofu, so they should not be compared with real tofu.
  豆腐干是高钙王  人们选择食用豆腐时所注重的营养价值无非是蛋白质和钙的含量,这也是组成豆腐的两大重要营养成分,对于这两种营养成分来说,不同品种、样式的豆腐The calcium and protein content is not the same.
  Fan Zhihong introduced that from the point of view of calcium content, tofu is the member with the highest calcium content in the tofu family. The various forms of tofu basically exist in the rule that the higher the calcium content is, the calcium content of the dried bean curd.Close to beef, much higher than other members of the tofu family.
In comparison, among other family members, the north tofu has higher calcium content than the south tofu, and the south tofu has higher calcium content than the lactone tofu. As for the calcium content of the lactone tofu, a piece of tofu does not have a bag of milk containing calcium.The high content, therefore, the main advantage of lactone tofu is that the taste is smooth and smooth, and its nutrients have nothing special.
  However, consumers should also pay attention when purchasing tofu, middle-aged and elderly people who want to control weight are not suitable to buy or eat tofu with high oil content, and the dried tofu should not be too high, in order toIt is also important to ensure the health of the body and to control the intake of salt.
  凝固剂首选石膏盐卤  范志红提醒,消费者在选购豆腐时,除了依照“越浓缩含钙量越高”的方法以外,从其蛋白质含量上考虑,就应该遵循“越嫩的豆腐所含蛋白质越Less principle.
Specifically: When consumers choose South and North tofu, they must first observe what the ingredients of South and North Tofu are. In addition to water, soybeans and other additives, try to reduce the intake of food additives.
The other important point is to understand what the coagulant is.
Whether it is gypsum, salt brine (ie brine) or other substances, it is best to use gypsum or salt brine as the coagulant tofu. This is also the traditional process of making tofu. The tofu made by other coagulants is mixed with gypsum and salt brine to make coagulant.Tofu, its calcium content and protein content are much less.
  Tofu should not be eaten every day. Although tofu is good, it should not be eaten every day. Do not overdose it once.
Older people and kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, gout disease, arteriosclerosis patients should control the amount of food.
Fan Zhihong emphasized that tofu contains extremely rich protein. Eating too much at one time not only hinders the body’s absorption of iron, but also causes protein indigestion, discomfort such as abdominal distension and diarrhea. When people reach old age, the ability of the kidney to excrete waste is reduced.If you do not pay attention to diet, eating a lot of tofu, excessive intake of plant protein, will inevitably increase the amount of nitrogenous waste generated in the body, increase the burden on the kidneys, further decline of kidney function, not conducive to good health;More, gout patients with abnormal sputum metabolism and patients with increased blood uric acid concentration are more likely to cause gout attacks, especially those with gout disease.
  The food is small, the tofu, the tofu, the south and the north, the tofu has a certain bean flavor, and the north tofu has a slight bitter taste.
In order to remove the odor, many of the dishes made with tofu are the ones that put the tofu in the water before cooking. It is necessary to know that the tofu is very beautiful. It is common that many tofus are not broken or hollow in the center.In line with the requirements of cooking, this is the cockroach that does not have the ability to control the tofu.
The correct method is to cut the tofu into small squares of similar size, and then put them in a water pot and heat them with cold water. When the water temperature rises to about 90 °C, you should switch to the micro-fire temperature and slowly see the tofu floating up.When you feel a certain hardness when you pinch, remove it and soak it in cold water.

Autumn health tips, attention to prevent seven high-risk diseases

Autumn health tips, attention to prevent seven high-risk diseases

Autumn is a harvest season, and it is also a high season of disease. Many diseases are easy to recur in autumn. In real life, many people have to have a shadow of “the autumn of many things”.
In the eyes of the ancients, autumn is a high season for various diseases. What diseases are prevented in autumn?
Let’s take a look at it together.
  First, allergic rhinitis The dry weather in autumn, combined with the current air pollution is very serious, so all kinds of allergic factors will increase, and allergens will stimulate the nasal mucosa, so the incidence of allergic rhinitis is very high.
  Autumn health care, we must start from the details of life, pay more attention to regular living habits, avoid bad habits, exercise more, eat less meat, eat less irritating food, you can stay away from the troubles of troublesome autumn.
  Second, mental illness There are psychologists statistics, due to the influence of other factors such as climate in autumn, coupled with the influence of “sorrowful autumn” mood, the proportion of mental illnesses such as depression in autumn has been greatly improved.
  Therefore, pay attention to adjusting your emotions in the fall, keep an optimistic attitude in everything, communicate with friends, take a walk, or participate in the autumn tour is also a good choice.
In addition, the autumn air is dry, people are easy to cause “autumn lack”, everything has no spirit, so the autumn must develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early.
  Third, acute gastroenteritis Autumn is a season of harvest of various fruits, easy to produce raw and not indiscriminate.
In addition, after entering the autumn, the body’s digestive function, the intestinal disease resistance began to decline, so it is very troublesome to have gastrointestinal diseases.
  Therefore, in the fall, we must pay attention to the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. To eat fruits, we must pay attention to whether the source is hygienic, refuse cold food and drink cold, and separate raw and cooked.
In addition, you can also use some pasta, rice soup and other food to raise the stomach.
  Fourth, the cold Autumn is the most serious season of the epidemic, the season of cold and hot is not only difficult to adapt, but the entire immune system is difficult to adjust.
Therefore, the incidence of diseases such as colds and respiratory diseases has increased.
  Usually pay attention to do a good job to add clothes, pay attention to add water, as little as possible to the place where people flow more.
In addition, you should participate in some outdoor sports to help improve your body’s resistance and stay away from the troubles of colds.
  V. Oral ulcers People in autumn are most likely to get angry, and oral ulcers are the most direct manifestation after getting angry.
Of course, some people also have symptoms such as nose fire, sore throat, and fever.
  In addition to the climate, the high incidence of oral ulcers in autumn is directly related to changes in human hormone levels.
Therefore, pay attention to more conditioning in the fall, usually add more water, eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, reduce the intake of thick and irritating food.
  Sixth, skin diseases Autumn is also a season of high incidence of various skin diseases, which are characterized by itchy skin, redness, pain and other symptoms.
Usually the part is also very common around the thigh, the inside of the calf, the joints and the like.
The skin disease in autumn is paroxysmal, and the duration and severity of the onset are different.
  In the autumn, we must pay attention to the choice of clothing for skin diseases. For the close-fitting clothes, we should try to choose pure cotton, and at the same time reduce the intake of irritating foods and pay more attention to personal hygiene.
  Seven, constipation Dry stool, excretion pain is one of the most common problems in the fall, especially the problem of many elderly people causing cardiac arrest due to sudden forced bowel movements.
  Therefore, prevention of constipation in autumn is health care. Daily attention should be paid to intake of sufficient crude fiber to maintain water, avoid sedentary, maintain a happy mood, and regular bowel movements, so as to get rid of constipation and other issues.

Get angry after the holiday?

Try these fire traps

Get angry after the holiday?
Try these fire traps

It was because the Chinese medicine doctor said that the banquet during the Spring Festival was almost full of fish and meat, and the snacks continued, which easily led to “food fire.”

  In addition, night and night entertainment, night should be a schedule of yang yang stagnation and quiet sleep.

If you don’t sleep from 23:00 to 3am, you will continue to excite the yang of your body, causing “heart fire”, ulceration of the mouth, mouth ulcers and other symptoms.

  There is a real fire: drinking herbal tea has symptoms of real fire, some have thirst, bad breath, constipation, red eyes, swollen gums, temper, love, anger, etc., fire does not hinder drinking herbal tea, some honeysuckle + wild chrysanthemumDrink water, girls add two more cockroaches.

The essence of herbal tea is herbal tea, and the drug is cold.

  There is a virtual fire: people who drink duck porridge and have a virtual fire, some have long acne, sore throat, mouth ulcers, insomnia, and more dreams.

This type of person drinking cold tea will cool down and cause the body to be more virtual.

  So how do people with virtual fires eat?

Very simple, drink duck porridge!

Duck porridge is an ancient prescription in the ancient medical book of hypertension, “Elbow reserve emergency”, duck meat can make up the Yin and blood, clear heat.

  No appetite: dried tangerine peel ginger food, many people feel that there is no appetite for eating, the doctor pointed out that this is a disaster caused by intemperate diet, Chinese medicine called “injury”, recommended diet to eat stomach and stomach — Chenpi ginger ginger food.

Add tangerine peel, ginger and water, simmer for 20 minutes, add brown sugar, and take it hot.

  The volatile oil contained in dried tangerine peel has a mild stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice and eliminate the accumulation of gas in the intestines. Ginger can appetize and chill, which is beneficial for many patients who do not think about diet and feel cold in the abdomen.
The brown sugar contains some vitamins and electrolytes, which can regulate the concentration of certain substances in the tissues, balance the water and liquid metabolism in the internal environment of the cells, and eliminate cell metabolites.

Recommendation: Six of the most important things in sex

Recommendation: Six of the most important things in sex

Why do men and women like sex?

So what is the most shy thing for a woman in bed?

When a woman goes to bed with her husband, she will deliberately put on a very sexy underwear.

Of course, he also likes underwear that he particularly likes. The woman seems to show him something intentionally or unintentionally.

This may be saying to my husband: Dear, please come with me!

Let’s take a look at the six most shy things about women in bed: 1.

Do not refuse to let the tricks men always do not meet the customary sexual posture and caress, always want to try something new, in order to pursue some excitement and happiness.

In fact, modern women usually do not intervene in their understanding and actions, because they also have the need to pursue fresh stimulation.

  However, it is necessary to adhere to a goal of thinking that this sexual posture and caressing method is healthy, hygienic, safe, and can make you happier, and must not cause any harm to human health.

Therefore, if men want to try new sexual postures and caressing methods, the most important thing is to respect the woman’s intentions and obtain their consent!


Condoms don’t matter that men often don’t like condoms, in their opinion, that will reduce pleasure.

For women, they don’t have any special feelings.

  However, sometimes women think: Is the condom slipping?

This is entirely due to self-confidence and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you risk sex with a reluctant pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, there is no happiness at all.


Passive is an illusion Although people’s ideas are open up a lot, but in people’s minds, Shu Shu, a solemn and docile woman, especially in terms of sexual life, is a woman who is stable and restrained.

This makes most women unwilling to be so arrogant and exposed in sex.

  In fact, women’s sexuality is active or not, and whether they are sexually active or not, initiative is two different things.

Women are never passive in terms of sex.

However, women can only express themselves in a relatively insidious and implicit way.

  For example, he prepared his favorite dinner for the man, and he was especially diligent and affectionate after dinner; he washed thoroughly and prepared to sleep early in the evening, and asked his husband to come to bed soon;When I went to bed, I specially put on a very sexy underwear that he particularly liked, and seemed to show him intentionally or unintentionally.

.This may be saying: “Dear, please come with me!

“Besides, what do you expect the subtle woman to do again?


Most women who have a fantasy object to answer questions say frankly: If they are sexual relatives who are neither happy nor successful, they often think: Why is this over?

Instead, they may be enchanted by their sexual fantasies.

When they were so, they remembered other men.


Do not like WITTMANN for women, is some kind of man the sexiest and most attractive?

Is it brave and fierce?

Sorry, it is the old yellow calendar of the medieval knight era, or just the story of martial arts, gun battle movies.

Women in society today are more fond of men who are gentle, kind, enterprising, successful, and responsible, because such men will give them more security, dependence and trust, and most women alsoAdmit, such a man is really sexy, attractive, and fascinating.

  6.I don’t like lighting. Most women think that in the dark they can play a larger and more spacious sex space, and they can better think of many pleasant and emotional things, so they are even more excited.

The eyes can’t see – women are used to making love with their eyes closed, and everything will give way to the feeling of the body, making them more focused on sex.

Another important reason is that most women’s faces are getting more and more serious because of excitement, and in the dark, these will be covered up.

Fruit eats like this, refuses oral ulcers

Fruit eats like this, refuses oral ulcers

First, what kind of fruit can be eaten by oral ulcers?

Pears are also prone to fire in the spring, and there are many symptoms of various fires, such as long acne, nosebleeds, swollen gums, etc. Among them, oral ulcers are the most common.

For these symptoms of getting angry, experts reminded that in normal life, you should eat more foods with vitamins and water in order to effectively correct and prevent various fire symptoms.

In particular, vitamin B and water, these two substances are very important for oral ulcers, both effective prevention and treatment of ulcers.

Whether you have an oral ulcer with high blood pressure or a stomach ulcer, you should eat more food that promotes the recovery of the ulcer during your illness. Pears are the best choice.

Pear vitamin B, often eaten has a large precipitate on the human body.

Pear is also a kind of fruit that is more suitable for oral ulcers. Therefore, this is also the answer to what fruit is eaten by mouth ulcers.


Apple patients with oral ulcers can also eat more apples during the disease. Apple has always been recognized as a healthy and nutritious fruit by nutrition experts. Regular consumption in daily life can also effectively enhance our body’s immunity and disease resistance.
And apples also have a good effect on the treatment of oral ulcers, the reason is because apples are extremely rich in vitamins, which is very important for the treatment of oral ulcers, in addition to the supplemental fiber contained in apples can helpWe effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and thus gradually detoxify.

Patients with oral ulcer classification can take an apple into a container and put it into a container, then add cold water to boil, wait until it is slightly cold, then put it in the mouth with the wine for a while and then eat it. It can be cured in a few days.

In the face of oral ulcers, what fruit is good, Apple is definitely a good choice.


Watermelon and watermelon are also good medicines for patients with oral ulcers. Experts advise that patients with oral ulcers should eat more watermelon during the disease, which has a good therapeutic effect on the oral cavity.

The nutrients contained in watermelon are very rich, so patients can squeeze the watermelon into the juice, and then put the juice in the mouth, about 2?
After 3 minutes, swallowed or spit out, and then contains watermelon juice, so it has a good treatment and control effect on oral ulcers.

At the same time, watermelon also has a good diuretic effect, which integrates detoxification and fire removal.

It can be said that watermelon has a great effect on the healing of oral ulcers, but diabetic patients should pay attention to prevent the avoidance of eating, because watermelon is rich in a large amount of sugar, if excessive consumption, it is likely to cause blood sugar to rise, notConducive to the control of the disease.


Persimmon persimmon not only has a great effect on the treatment of oral ulcers, but it can also prevent oral ulcers, so persimmon is also a good friend for oral ulcers.

But don’t eat with crabs when eating persimmons.

Persimmon cream on persimmons also has a good effect on the treatment of oral ulcers.

The way is to take persimmon cream from the persimmon cake, use boiled water or add porridge.


Peach peaches have a variety of vitamins such as vitamin B, and can also delay aging, is a rare fruit.

Everyone can’t think of peaches as a good fruit for mouth ulcers, but peaches have a better effect on mouth ulcers, but from the gastrointestinal point of view, it is not conducive to eating more.

Second, oral ulcers can not eat what fruit 1.

Vitamins are a kind of beneficial fruit rich in water. At the same time, citrus raw food is beneficial to the body, strengthens the body, helps digestion, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and reduces blood pressure. It has certain effects on purulent pharyngitis, tonsillitis, diabetes and viral influenza.

Because of citrus carotene, if you eat too much, it will cause caroteneemia (commonly known as orange disease), vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and other symptoms.

At the same time, eating more citrus will get angry, leading to dysfunction of the body, oral ulcers, glossitis, pharyngitis and other symptoms.


Longan meat is commonly known as longan meat.

It is warm, sweet and greasy, and it is the easiest to help.

For example, “Drug Chemicals” said: Longan meat “sweet and help the fire, if the heart and lungs are full, it should be avoided.”

“Materia Medica” also pointed out: “If there is a fire in the stomach, it is not appropriate.

“Aphthous sores are caused by heart and stomach fire, so it is appropriate to eat properly.”


The nature of the lychee is warm, and it is easy to get hot and get angry.

As clear?Wang Mengying pointed out: “More food to help the heat, blood, those who have fire on the burnt bogey.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also contains: “The fresh food is more, that is, ulcers and pain.

“Therefore, people with aphthous ulcers, including mouth ulcers, mouth sputum, gum swelling and pain, etc., should not eat more.