Office workers often do squats to improve their physical fitness

Office workers often do squats to improve their physical fitness

Office workers in daily life do not prevent squatting more and sitting less. This is because squatting consumes more energy than sitting and can reduce a small amount of accumulation.

In addition, when people are squatting, the heart and lung blood flow is relatively abundant, which can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Squatting can also increase the range of motion of the chest and lungs, thereby improving our cardiopulmonary function.

For the sedentary family in the office building, squat exercises are easy to learn. When you’re at your desk for more than an hour, you might as well get up and do a squat.

Squat by chair: The practitioner uses his back and waist and hips to rest on the back of the chair and stays still after squatting.

Exercise time can be gradually extended, preferably 2-4 minutes.

Squat with legs: Put your feet together, then bend your knees, the thighs and abdomen tightly together.

Hold for 1-3 minutes.

Split-leg squats: Keep your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, with your feet parallel and your knees bent less than 90 degrees.

Keep the front stable and do not shake left and right, the distance from the ground should not exceed 10 cm, and the exercise time is 1-3 minutes.

Toe squat: With both feet on the ground, lift your heels off the ground.

Bend your knees, press your thighs against your calves, and control the time between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Heel squat: It is the opposite of toe squat, that is, the heel is on the ground, the forefoot is suspended. If it is too difficult to grasp, you can let the bottom 2/3 of the foot touch the ground.

The time can be controlled within 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Lung Squat: The exerciser steps out of his left foot, his right toe touches the ground with a toe squat, and his legs form a lunge.

Drop your weight between your feet and switch your left and right feet every 30 seconds.

  These actions can be done separately or together.

Note: Doing any squat requires abdomen with chest and abdomen. Keep your upper body straight and your knees pointed at your toes.

In addition, when squatting, you must pay attention to step by step, and pay attention to perseverance, so that the exerciser can have a healthy body in possession.

Can’t neglect to deal with eye fatigue

Can’t neglect to deal with eye fatigue

Watching TV, watching newspapers, and looking at the scenery, you will feel tired for a long time and your eyes will be dry.

  Men in the workplace are no exception to computers for a long time!

In fact, you can deal with eye fatigue simply in the office.

  Make a cup of tea with rolled water, use your hands to surround the cup while you are still hot, and keep your eyes wide on your hands to let the smell of hot tea smoke your eyes. Rotate the left and right eyes. In a few minutes, you will see the lightnessRefreshing.

If you replace it with an 8?
The large 12-inch bowl sinks the face all over the water surface. Cover your face with a hot towel. While smelling the tea fragrance and inhaling your heart and lungs, your facial features will be hot and smoked by the tea.Wiping the face with a hot towel can achieve beauty and health benefits.

Recommendation: Chinese medicine guides finger health tips

Recommendation: Chinese medicine guides finger health tips

Introduction: The current health regimen is leading the fashion.

“Eat full, good health” has been replaced by “Dietizing, clearing intestines, detoxifying and keeping your health”. The most common and common exercise of walking has also been tried to transform into a variety of posture walking exercises.Reduce the benefits a few years ago . Introduce several hand maintenance methods by the old Chinese medicine health road, you may also try it.

Rotating your thumb if you feel physically weak does not prevent you from trying to rotate your thumb 360 degrees.

When rotating, the tip of the thumb must be tried to draw a circle.

At first, it may feel uncomfortable, but after repeating it several times, the thumb will rotate rhythmically, and you will feel comfortable.

Generally let the thumb rotate 1 in a clockwise direction and a counterclockwise direction, respectively?
2 minutes.

The most simple way to integrate and use self-handshaking as a health method is to self-handshake.

The left and right palms are held close together and alternately held. The key is that the thumb of the right hand consciously and firmly grasps the small fish of the left hand, and the left thumb grasps the small fish of the right hand.

Hold your hands apart for 3 seconds.

Hold each other tightly 5?
6 times.

Cross your fingers When you feel that your brain is unresponsive and not paying attention, it will not prevent you from twisting your fingers together.

After someone has their thumbs crossed for a while, they change their thumbs to the other.

Then point your fingertips forward, aligning your hands and wrists.

Repeat twice.

Warm wind blowers Many people use a hair dryer to dry after shampooing.

If you use a hair dryer to stimulate your palm, it only costs 3?
4 minutes, but the health effect obtained is great.

Use a hair dryer to send warm air to the palm of your hand. When you feel a little warm, remove the hair dryer and then close the palm of your hand.

Repeat this 6?
Seven times, the entire palm was stimulated by the warm wind from the hair dryer.

Rotating Tennis Clamps the tennis ball with both hands, slowly and forcefully, and stimulates the entire palm through the tennis ball.

You can also put your fingers up, pinch the tennis ball for 3 seconds, and then press again.

This is repeated many times.

8000 calorie muscle gain plan

8000 calorie muscle gain plan

I bet you never thought that the answer to exceeding and gaining weight quickly would be eating too much food, but it is exactly the diet strategy proposed by Mr. Bodybuilding.

If you overeating once a week and exercise hard, you can increase 5 in two months?
10 pounds of muscle and will not gain weight.

  By now, you may understand that this diet plan is one of the most effective ways to restore and grow muscle.

Surprisingly, to the best of this plan, you can get better results.

When you overeating once a week, inject an amount of calories that you usually inject, and your body cannot sense that these calories should be stored temporarily.

When your body suddenly receives a rare, large number of calories, it produces a lot of conversions.

This provides a metabolic environment for the body and prevents unfortunate accumulation.

Plus, this gives you the extra calories you need to gain muscle.

  This diet plan is very simple.

During the first five weeks, one day each week should be supplemented with the normal normal injection of calories in series.

As your body gradually adapts, increase the frequency of overeating, every five days.

This is how your body gets extra energy, which can make you gain several pounds of pure muscle in just two months.

  Meeting your needs First, you need to know the amount of calories you need to keep your muscles alive: A person who weighs 99 kg generally needs 4000 calories to maintain his weight and muscle.

You can make a diet diary (last 4?
5 days, get the exact value of your average daily calorie intake) or try your best to estimate.

If you keep a diet journal, keep a record of all the foods and quantities you eat, and use a food conversion chart to calculate the number of calories you eat each day.

Then, double your daily intake to determine how much food you need to overeat.

In our example, the 99 kg bodybuilder needed to transplant 8,000 calories on his gluttony day.

  Taking twice as many calories once a week allows you to gain muscle without gaining weight.

  Super Food Day Choose one day each week to start overeating.

Whether you choose a workday or a weekend, make sure to pick a day where you have enough time, because it takes time to prepare and eat more food.

If you are still worried about increasing your aunt, then implement this plan on training day.

During the first five weeks of this diet plan, you will eat a pair of usual foods on your eating day.

At first you will feel very painful on the feeding day, as if you would spit out all the food it eats, but your body will adapt quickly.

By the third day of gluttony, your body should have adapted, and you will not feel so uncomfortable.

  This is why you need to increase your binge frequency in the second month.

After one month, due to your body’s fitness, you need to overeating more often than once a week to ensure continued muscle growth.

Therefore, you will start eating every five days, but on other days you will need to continue to implant the amount of food you need to maintain your weight.

In this example of a 99kg bodybuilder, he wants to make sure to add 4,000 calories a day. Eating too much will make your aunt hoard, and eating too little will affect the effect of the diet plan, and even makeYou suffer from insufficient calorie intake and cause you to lose weight.

Pay special attention to this in the days after your overeating, because then you may lose your appetite.

  Here’s an example of a one-day gluttony plan. You can replace these with similar foods; changing different foods every day is better than eating the same foods every day.

Adjust your consumption according to the actual situation, so as to achieve the requirements of daily meals in both directions.

  7 am Breakfast: five eggs, a bowl of oatmeal, turkey bacon, a slice of fruit 10 am Morning snack: weight gain shake (high protein, high carbohydrate) 12 noon Lunch: roast chicken, with olive oilMade pasta, vegetables 2 pm Afternoon snacks: Whole wheat bread sandwiches, half avocado, a handful of nuts 4 pm Before workouts: simple linen and whey protein shakes After 6 pm workouts: simpleGlucose and whey protein shakes 7 pm Dinner: large steaks, a small baked potato, vegetables 10 pm supper: peanut butter, protein shakes or boiled eggs or meat, a large bowl of oatmealThe following strategies for muscle growth training methods will directly affect the training effect.

When you try to get the most effective growth, many people make a common mistake-blindly increasing the amount and intensity of training.

It is correct that you should focus on the movements that bear weight, reduce the number of repetitions and groups, and increase the rest time between each group of movements.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your workout: # Focus on heavy weight compound moves.

Such as deadlifts, bench presses, barbell shoulder presses, squats and pull-ups.
These are the most effective ways to stimulate muscle growth.

  # Practice no more than four times a week.
Training every day burns too many calories and affects the effectiveness of your eating plan.

Train four times a week and try to complete all exercises in 60 minutes or more.

  # Focus on repeating 6?
8 weight training sessions.

This range is most suitable for stimulating muscle growth.

Avoid high-repetition exercises, except for warm-up exercises.

  #Avoid single joints and isolated movements.

Single joint and isolated exercises are meant to portray muscle lines, not to build muscle.

Give up this type of exercise in a two-month plan, of course, unless you are doing arm exercises.

  # Practice with free weights, giving up ropes and fixed equipment.

In general, rope and fixed-arm exercises are movements that portray details; most of them are not suitable for muscle growth.

Exclude them from the training program.

  # Keep the heartbeat frequency moderate.

Do not do more than 30 minutes of aerobic training every week, and do it calmly.

This will still cause your heart to be good, but you don’t want to burn too many calories so as not to affect the effectiveness of your diet plan.

  If you do not gain weight while your muscles are growing, you can increase the frequency of overeating days to every four days.

  Diet Tips It is difficult to eat so much food.

When you want to eat more food, stuffing a lot of chicken and rice may be more difficult than expected.

Use the suggestions below to reach your goals.

  #Drink the food.

Drinking a protein shake and milk is an easy way to get a lot of calories quickly.

They are also a great way to increase your daily calorie intake.

Generally speaking, when you are too full to eat any more, you can still drink 8?
16 milk.

They are the highest calories and can provide you with calories that meet your daily intake standards.

  # More meals a day.

A smaller intake at each meal allows your body to absorb more calories.

The more calories you sit and eat, the more they turn into unfortunate possibilities.

So, try to get 1000 calories per conversion you eat and eat six meals a day.

In our diet plan you need to eat eight meals a day, including inside the shake.

  # Maintain your calorie intake.

One mistake that can easily be made in implementing this gluttony plan is to unconsciously reduce your calorie intake on non-gluttony days.

On the second day after “feeding day”, you will most likely not feel the heat.

At this point you still need to add all the calories you need to maintain your weight.

If you reduce your calorie intake on non-bulimia days, the calories you absorb at the end of this program are only equivalent to the most basic needs to maintain weight.

This way, your muscles will not grow any more.

  Calorie intake is the most critical element of this meal plan, and the type and timing of calorie replacement is also important.

Follow the suggestions below when implementing a feeding day plan.
  Protein: You can eat as much protein as you want, but at least the daily intake must exceed the basic amount, that is, one pound of protein is important for each pound of body weight based on your weight.

If you exceed this amount, it will not help your muscles grow quickly, but it is not harmful.

  Composite fibers: Absorbing a large number of specific composite fibers is one of the best methods for muscle growth.

You can absorb up to 1000 grams of complex glucose on your eating day.
  Simple glucose: sugar is not always contraindicated.

After exercising, is there anything else that can better help you gain muscle while absorbing 50?
100 grams of simple sugar.

  Healthy adults: Omega-3 fatty acids can create the right hormonal environment for your muscle growth.

You want to make sure you get the full amount you need daily: a healthy aunt of at least 50 grams per day.

Some good sources are certain avocados, salmon, nuts and seeds, pure natural peanut butter, olive oil and canola oil.

  Other aunts: Your muscles are growing, so you don’t have to reject other forms of aunts.

You can absorb some saturated fats, certain meat products and egg yolks, these can provide hormone hormones that help muscle growth, and are rich in calories.

You just need to avoid your aunt in grilled and fried food (in other words, avoid junk food).

The consequences of these misfortunes outweigh the positives.

Quickly prevent babies from spring

Quickly prevent babies from spring

[Introduction]Spring is a season with many diseases, many infectious diseases, and some chronic diseases are easy to relapse.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the health of the baby.

  First, epidemic meningitis is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by meningococcal bacteria. It has the characteristics of rapid onset, multiple changes, rapid spread, and widespread epidemic. It is common in children under 15 years old, and it begins to develop from late winter to early spring.Then three headaches followed by vomiting. These three symptoms were called medical sirens by medical experts.

Without timely treatment, the risk is very high.

Therefore, care should be taken to protect the susceptible population, and patients should be identified and treated in a timely manner.

  Second, infectious hepatitis A is caused by hepatitis A virus. It is high in spring and is more common in children under 10 years of age. It is transmitted by feces or foodborne infections. It has fever at the beginning of the disease, fatigue, yellow urine, and nausea.Other symptoms, the response is to pay attention to hygiene, timely isolation and treatment of patients.

  Third, chickenpox chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by chickenpox virus.

Early spring is easy to be popular, often occurs in 2?
Children 6 years old.

The preventive measures are: do a good job in the hygiene of the room and maintain air circulation; strengthen nutrition, supplement protein appropriately, and go to public places during the epidemic.

  Fourth, scarlet fever is a high incidence of infectious diseases in spring, and more common in young children.

The main features are fever, sore throat, small red pimples all over the body, blush on the cheeks, pale mouth, bright red tongue like strawberry shape, and child care is very important.

The room should be sunny, fresh and quiet.

It is best to rest in bed, eat liquid food and drink plenty of water.

Also pay attention to oral hygiene and strengthen skin care.

  Fifth, measles is caused by the measles virus.

In the early stages of measles patients, a large amount of virus is secreted from the nasopharynx.

Contagious when coughing.

At present, measles vaccines are quite extensive, but they must be prevented.

  Six, mumps is manifested as complications or two years of inflammation and swelling of the parotid glands, with the peak incidence in spring, 3?
Children aged 15 are susceptible to the disease.

It is important to protect susceptible adolescent children with a history of exposure, especially men, as the disease causes damage to reproductive organs (such as insulin pills).

Drug prevention can be carried out in epidemic seasons, such as taking Orchid decoction orally.

Pilates soft slim waist exercise

Pilates soft slim waist exercise

Soft waist exercise group one: Rotary waist sawing action points: Combined the “curved ridge forward” and waist twisting movements.

  Action effect: Specially contract and soften oblique lumbar abdomen.

Stretches the muscles and ligaments of the back of the leg, removes turbid air from the body, enhances blood circulation, and softens and controls.

  Action: Sit straight on the mat at 90 degrees, keeping the upper body contracted and stable.

The waist is consciously tightened up.

Shoulders on both sides.

Double toe pointed ceiling.

  Action: Inhale, keep the upper body tilted upwards, and start turning sideways from the waist (be careful not to turn from the arms, hips, and intersections), and keep it firmly on the mat below the waist.

  Action: Exhale, point toe elbow from toe to tip of leg.

Pay attention to lifting and contracting the ribs and abdomen.

Keep the rear radial arms extended.

  Tips ● Turn left and right to press once for 3?
5 times.

  ● Tighten your waist when turning your body, and don’t lift the back to leave the cushion.

Stay hooked.

  ● Keep it open at least throughout the exercise.

  ● Strength and sensation are concentrated in the center of the body, and the ribs and abdomen are retracted toward the spine to increase the center of gravity of the body.

  Action: Start with your body lying on your side, contract your legs, support your head with one hand, and hold your other hand on the ground in front of your body to coordinate your body’s balance.

  Soft waist exercise group two: side kick kick points: after the leg is completed, perform the other side leg exercise.

  Action effect: Close the waist, hips, buttocks and the outside of the thighs.

At the same time challenge the body’s ability to balance.

  Action: Straighten and lift one leg to make the legs form a scissors shape after opening.

  ● If you feel struggling to keep your body balanced, a flat leg on the ground can be squeezed forward slightly.

  ● Slowly tilt your legs to feel the pressure.

  ● Keep the upper body contracted and stable.

The lower waist should be consciously tightened up.

  ● Bend your leg upwards when you inhale, and press down your legs vigorously when you exhale.

Up and down once for 6?
8 times.

  Action: Adjust the leg extension according to the flexibility and open the scissors appropriately.

  How to maintain body balance during movement?

  In all Pilates exercises, the Dublin Centre concept.

Whether right, sitting or lying, the center of your body is the key to your balance.

The central part of the body includes the waist, abdomen, waist, and chest.

  Use your center properly and exercise its power during the exercise.

For example, in order to stabilize the upper body when doing “side-up kicking”, you can imagine putting a bowl of water on the statue and the pelvis. All you have to do is to ensure that the water does not spill.

What should I do if I have acne?

What should I do if I have acne?

Click to buy Although puberty has passed, but too many office workers will occasionally return to youthful appearance of some “acne”, and there are two reasons for our unexplained acne, one is the human endocrine disorder, the otherOne is the insufficient permeability of skin care products and cosmetics. The pores are inserted, causing the pores to become swollen and inflamed. If you want to solve the sudden acne, you must start with the root cause.

  1. Prevent clogging of pores and prevent radiation. We mentioned some external skin care resistance methods. In fact, if you want to maintain endocrine stability and balance to prevent the unprovoked generation of acne, drink plenty of anti-radiation green tea and massage the lymphatic system.Promote skin detoxification and maintain a good mood are all good ways.

  2. Oil control is the key “dead muscle” of insufficient memory: before noon, it looks like a computer’s memory. If the skin is to maintain a good state, it must have sufficient internal power to transport nutrients smoothly.

For a long time in front of the computer, dry skin will have peeling, some oil will come out from the T-zone part of the mixed skin, and oily skin will have a serious condition that is full of oil before noon.

  In fact, these are caused by the increase of free radicals in the human body due to working pressure and computer radiation, oxidizing the active substances in the cells, causing the skin’s water storage capacity to weaken, the skin becoming dry, or desperately oiling.

  3. Antioxidation Although there is currently no skincare method that can completely replace the radiation of the computer, there are also many skincare products with certain resistance, such as olive polyphenols, which can remove free radicals in the body and have anti-radiation effects.

  In short, in order to solve the problem of sudden acne on the skin, in addition to using skin care products suitable for you, you also need to effectively clean the skin, change the culprits that easily cause pores to be clogged, and maintain good habits and habits to cure the symptoms.

Choosing sneakers, thick bottom is the most important

Choosing sneakers, thick bottom is the most important

Many people often only pay attention to the appearance and fashionable style when buying sports shoes.

In fact, when choosing sports shoes, the most important thing is to see if it can meet the needs of different sports.

If you still have some confusion when choosing sports shoes, that doesn’t prevent you from citing the recommendations of the latest issue of the US Consumer Reports magazine.

  There is no form of movement between the two, and the matching sneakers have one thing in common: they can support your feet and cause injury; increase friction and reduce the chance of slipping; shock absorption, and protect joints.

According to statistics, more than half of the sports injuries in American amateur sports are caused by abnormal sports shoes.

But different sports have different requirements for sports shoes.

Walking should choose heels, shoes with better shock absorption at the soles of the feet; under normal circumstances, running shoes are lighter than walking shoes, shock absorption is stronger, so as to effectively protect bones and joints; and tennis, volleyball and basketballYou need to stop, move sideways and run fast. Therefore, shoes with thick soles and good friction are the first choice. If you are a golf, bicycle, football, rugby and softball enthusiast, it is best to prepare a pair of professional sports shoes.

  Choosing whether to fit the sneakers is the first factor, and shock absorption, stability, elasticity and breathability are also important.

Shoes with good shock absorption performance can slow down the impact of external forces on the feet; stable shoes can protect foot replacement; shoes with high breathability can change the rapid volatilization of foot sweat, reducing the risk of bacterial and dust infection on the feet.

In addition, special attention should be paid to five areas.


The upper should be breathable.

Sneakers need to filter synthetic air cable with good air permeability as the material, the toe area should be wide, and the toe diameter should be braked; the heel should also ensure that the heel can slide back and forth.


Elastic sole.

The sole usually has a bladder or a certain support, and it has a strong elasticity when stepping on it.


Removable and washable insole.

The insole is the layer closest to the foot, which can slow down the impact of sports on the sole and prolong the life of the shoe.

However, the insole must be removable and washable to ensure hygiene inside the shoe.


The reflection area is obvious at night.

The upper of sports shoes should have a reflective area that resists, and people who alternately like to run at night are safer.


Shoelaces are easy to tie.

It’s best to knit, plastic or metal speed laces, so that you can easily and conveniently tie your laces.

  It needs to be reminded that the foot shape should also be considered.

The average person’s foot has three types: low or flat arch, normal arch and high arch.

People with flat arches should choose a pair of shoes with a hard back and steering support; those with high arches should choose shoes with strong shock absorption and heel stability.

  The way to determine your foot shape is simple: soak your feet in water and step on the ground or cardboard.

If you can see the shape of most of your feet, it may be a low arch; if you can barely see it, it may be a high arch.

In addition, old shoes can also be judged. When the shoes are placed on a table, if the shoes are inclined, it may be a high arch; if they are inclined inward, they may be a low arch.

Elderly macular degeneration

Elderly macular degeneration

Lao Wang is 52 years old. His previous eyes have been very good. However, in the past two years, he felt that things were a bit fuzzy. He once participated in the medical examination. The doctor said that there was a slight cataract. Since it was slight, Pharaoh did not care until the left eye of these two days.Suddenly a fixed black shadow appeared, and when it was deformed, it went to the Ophthalmology Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. The results showed that the left eye had hemorrhage, a new blood vessel, and the right eye had atrophy. The diagnosis was “aging macular degeneration.”

The doctor said that the disease is not easy to treat; if it progresses, it will lead to serious visual impairment.

Pharaoh is trying to figure out what is going on with this “aging macular degeneration”?

Is it really so serious?

  Age-related fundus disease Age-related macular degeneration is an age-related fundus disease that usually originates in the age of 50 years, with an onset of age and an increased incidence.

In the United States, 11% from 65 to 74 years old, and 28% from 75 to 85 years old, has become the leading cause of vision loss in the elderly in Europe and the United States.

Regional sampling shows that the disease is rehabilitated in people over the age of 50 every year.


59%, which led to the improvement of people’s living standards and the ageing of the population’s age structure, which is becoming one of the main blinding eye diseases in the elderly.

  The main clinical manifestations of age-related macular degeneration are simultaneous or sequential loss of vision in both eyes, visual distortion, and ultimately severe visual impairment.

The pathogenesis is still not very clear. It is generally considered to be related to age, heredity, smoking, environmental factors, high-fat diet, chronic photodamage, cardiovascular disease, etc., which cause pigment epithelial transmutation under the intraocular visual cells, making abnormal substancesAccumulation at the bottom of the retina, which in turn causes damage to the visual cells, eventually leading to severe vision loss.

Clinically divided into “atrophic” and “exudative”.

The direct occurrence of visual cell degeneration and degeneration, called atrophy, can lead to a chronic decline in vision, accounting for about 85% of the sick, new blood vessels, causing retinal hemorrhage, forming a trace of mechanized residual called exudative, onsetThe rate is less than 15%.

However, the development is faster and the vision loss is obvious.

Partially atrophic eyes can also undergo neovascularization and become exudative.

  Western medicine treatment of age-related macular degeneration The current Western medicine has no ideal treatment for age-related macular degeneration.

Anti-oxidants and zinc preparations are generally given or are not treated for atrophic lesions.

For exudative lesions, laser photocoagulation, photodynamic therapy, alone or in combination with intraocular injection of anti-vascular diffusion drugs to promote the recurrence of fundus neovascularization, has a certain therapeutic effect on some patients, but only becauseThe resulting “new blood vessels” work.

Can not eliminate the root of the disease, so the condition is easy to repeat, requires multiple treatments, and the cost of treatment is high, it is difficult for patients to accept.

The treatment of the surgery is still in the exploratory stage, requiring higher surgical skills and the patient is also exposed to the corresponding risks.

  TCM syndrome differentiation, kidney, phlegm, phlegm, qi and blood, virtual fire, etc. in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine to attribute the age-related macular variability to “visual fainting”, “straight as the music” and other parts, the treatment is mainly based on the patient’s general condition andLocal dialectical treatment of the eye.

Chinese medicine believes that after entering the old age, the function of each organ gradually declines, the liver and kidney essence gradually loses, the blood and blood are weak, the fluid is dry, the eye is lost in maintenance, or the blood is weak and stagnant, and the blood cannot be kept in the pulse.In the road, or the virtual fire damages the veins, and sees the fundus bleeding, the vision is unclear.

Dialectical is generally from the spleen, kidney, phlegm, phlegm, qi and blood, virtual fire and so on.

For patients with “atrophic type”, drugs that use spleen, kidney, and qi and blood are often used.

For patients with “exudative” type, according to the condition of fundus hemorrhage, prescriptions for cooling blood to stop bleeding, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dissipating phlegm and stasis, etc., are also adopted.

After the above-mentioned syndrome differentiation treatment, a considerable part of patients have improved vision, fundus hemorrhage absorption, and even some patients who have been repeatedly treated with photodynamic therapy have improved their condition after TCM treatment, but the cost of Western medicine is much less.There is no direct trauma to the eyes.

  Age-related macular degeneration is the incidence of both eyes. In the treatment of unilateral eyes, it actually plays a role in healthy or relatively healthy eyes. This is one of the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Lao Wang’s condition feedback For Lao Wang, according to its constitution and condition, we have adopted the treatment method of cooling blood to stop bleeding and blood stasis. After about 1 month, the left eye fundus hemorrhage is obviously absorbed, and the visual acuity is improved compared with the onset.After 3 lines, the Chinese medicine was adjusted and replaced. After 2 years of follow-up, there was no repetition.

  Link: According to a study by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, taking a small amount of scorpion daily helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

What are the benefits and contraindications of eating watermelon in summer?

What are the benefits and contraindications of eating watermelon in summer?

Introduction: Summer is the peak season of watermelon. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that watermelon has the effect of “relieving annoyance and quenching thirst, relieving summer heat, treating paralysis of the throat, widening the gas, treating blood stasis, relieving alcohol poisoning, and treating mouth sores with juice”In addition, watermelon is sweet and delicious, and it is one of the fruits people like to eat in summer.

Although there are many benefits of watermelon, there are also taboos, so do you know the taboos of watermelon in summer?

First, the effect of watermelon Watermelon contains a variety of vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, C, protein, a variety of minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc., glutamic acid, arginine, fructose in fruit juice, Malic acid content is extremely rich, the amount of up to 96.

6%, ranked first among all fruits and fruits, and has the reputation of “the king of fruits and fruits in summer”.

1, melon in watermelon, peel and seeds can be used as medicine.

There have been many records of medicinal herbs used in medical books in the past. It is believed that it has various effects such as relieving summer heat, quenching thirst, urination, treating laryngeal paralysis, and relieving alcohol poisoning.

Modern research also proves that watermelon does have many functions such as relieving heat, diuretic, antihypertensive and deworming, and has a wide range of medical uses.

2. Watermelon has a diuretic and swelling effect, which can expel the human body’s moisture or excess water, which has the effect of reducing heat and detoxifying.

3, cut the watermelon peel into shreds or slices, add water to the pot and boil, add tomatoes, eggs and seasonings, it will become a soup with a summer heat diuretic effect.

4, watermelon seeds have a hypotensive effect, take watermelon seeds kernel 9?
15 grams of decoction taken orally, or eaten raw or cooked and chewed, is enough to reduce blood pressure, suitable for patients with hypertension.

Watermelon roots and decoction leaves can treat diarrhea and enteritis. Watermelon skin is called “Watermelon Cuiyi” by traditional Chinese medicine. It has a sweet taste and is a good medicine for sore throat.

Second, the taboos of watermelon in summer watermelon is a good food, but there are taboos.

Watermelon is a cold product that expands coldness and coldness. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who have a lot of menstruation, chronic gastritis with indigestion, or those who are old or old.

Eating too much can easily hurt the spleen and stomach, causing bloating, diarrhea, and decreased appetite.

Because watermelon contains glucose and sugar, it is not appropriate for people with diabetes to eat more watermelon.

Ingesting too much watermelon at one time, a large amount of water in the watermelon will dilute the gastric juice, which will cause indigestion and reduce the resistance of the gastrointestinal tract.

1, watermelon should not eat too much, because watermelon is a “cold food”, anyone who eats too much will hurt the spleen and stomach, leading to poor appetite, indigestion and reduced resistance, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.

2. It is not advisable to eat before and after meals because a large amount of water in the watermelon will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach. Eating before and after meals will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and eating a lot of watermelons before meals will occupy the volume of the stomach., Make a variety of nutrients absorbed in the meal discount, especially the health impact indicators for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

For people who want to lose weight through dieting, eating watermelon before meals is a good way to reduce food intake.

3, eat less iced watermelon Although eating iced watermelon on a hot day has a great effect on relieving the heat, it is very irritating to the stomach and easily causes spleen and stomach damage, so you should pay attention to the delicious temperature and quantity.

It is best to put the watermelon in the bottom of the refrigerator. The temperature here is about 8-10 ° C. This temperature is also the best taste. Do not eat more than 500 grams each time, and eat slowly.

For those who have caries and are allergic to toothache when they are cold, and those who have poor functions, they should not eat iced watermelon.