Strengthen skin’s natural defenses and fight off dull muscles_1

Strengthen skin’s natural defenses

With the pavement of the introduction of skin care products, it is necessary to further repair the skin.

  Creating an effective “rehabilitation room” for repair creams used in early spring requires a rich texture.

The reason is that in addition to the lack of moisture in the skin that is starting to age, the oil content also begins to decrease.

A cream that can effectively resist environmental invasion and promote natural skin repairing functions, and can create an effective “rehabilitation room” for skin under pressure.

  Unique, with repair products such as essences that also have high repairing ability, it improves skin’s power up, up, up!

  Tips: 1. The correct method is easier to absorb.

Before applying, put the product in the palm of your hand, cover the heat with both hands, and then apply in a circular and dot-pattern manner to make the product replace and penetrate.

  2. Apply a thick layer of cream on the face at night.

Close the doors and windows at night, adjust the humidity and temperature.

When the room is dry in spring and your face is tight, you can apply an extra layer of repair cream to firmly lock the skin’s moisture at night and fully repair the skin.

  3, insufficient cream to solve “muscle thirst”, multiple bottles of moisturizing essence.

Moisturizing essence has a smaller molecular volume than cream, and can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the cream, the cream will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface layer to prolong the time that the water is evaporated.

  4. Wet the skin with boiling water vapor for five to ten minutes, and then apply a repair cream, which is also a good and economical method of moisturizing.

You can also put some moist plants in the room. It also has the function of moisturizing and filtering the air, making you feel fresh and comfortable in the cold early spring.

Six things my husband won’t tell you

Six things my husband won’t tell you

First, the continuous working pressure The normal working time of an average person cannot exceed 10 hours, which is the load of human health, but the working pressure of adult men in diabetic cities often lasts for more than 12 hours, causing a serious psychological burden.

  Second, the sense of loss is pessimistic and disappointed in career, feelings, etc., and the self-confidence of being bruised is the lingering shadow that surrounds urban men.

  Third, the high pressure of competition Today’s white-collar men live in the severe competition created by the times. The feeling of insecurity and instability has always eroded people’s hearts.

  Fourth, family crises due to the interaction of family members’ social values, feeling different likes and dislikes, etc. may cause disharmony in the family environment, even if there is no reason, the pressure will be faintly passed to your head through parents, wife and childrenon.
  Fifth, the fight against disease. When you are under stress, your body state cannot be vigorous. Diseases invade at any time, and it will increase your anxiety, which in turn will continue to destroy your already very fragile health and cause a vicious circle.

  6. Excessive Desire Pressure If there is too much expectation of power and money, the heart and brain nervous system is always in a state of tension, forming a rhythm that is inconsistent with the normal physiological rhythm.

National Treasure-Class Traditional Chinese Medicine Master’s Stomach Nourishing Recipe

National Treasure-Class Traditional Chinese Medicine Master’s Stomach Nourishing Recipe

Zhou Zhongying, a 82-year-old Chinese medical master who has fought for more than 60 years on the medical front, looks very young, looks young, has a rosy complexion, and has a bright and clear look.

Speaking of his health regimen, he said that simple and natural, regular life, and normal diet are the most effective regimens.

  Zhou Lao has many researches on spleen and stomach diseases, especially for the treatment of yin deficiency and stomach pain, and the clinical effect is extremely significant.

He believes that yin deficiency and stomach pain are more common in chronic atrophic gastritis or ulcer disease with chronic gastritis that persists for a long time, lack of gastric acid, manifested as stomach fullness, dull pain or burning and pain, eat less boring or eat without appetite, or even anorexia, Generalized nausea, thirst, dry stool, dry red tongue, etc.

Zhou Lao formulated the nourishing stomach drink clinically, and repeatedly built great achievements.

  [Composition]6 grams of ume plum meat, 10 grams of fried white peony, 3 grams of licorice, 10 grams of Beishen, 10 grams of barley winter, 10 grams of Dendrobium, 10 grams of salvia, 5 grams of chicken internal gold, 10 grams of raw malt,3 grams of roses.

  [Usage]After the medicines are soaked in water for 15 minutes, they will be cooked. After boiling, they will be fried for another 20 minutes.

Filter about 300 ml of the medicine and take it.

  [Efficacy]nourishes the stomach yin, relaxes the liver and softens the liver.

  [Addition and Subtraction]Thirst is obvious, and Yin deficiency is even worse than 10g. It is accompanied by depression, burning in the stomach, hot and painful, urgent pain, bitter and dry mouth, thirsty and drink more.Coptis chinense 3g; thick and yellow tongue coating, frequent vomiting and nausea, those who stay moist and hot in the stomach add Coptis chinensis 3g, Magnolia flower 3g, bergamot 3g; both Qi and deficiency, see both fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness,Those with soft limbs, weak stools or loose stools, add 10 grams of ginseng and 10 grams of yam.

Love your ears, pay attention to hidden otitis media

Love your ears, pay attention to “hidden” otitis media

Acute otitis media is not like a cold and fever, you can see it all at once.
The baby is still young and won’t say it. In addition, the acute otitis media is more “hidden” and not easy to detect.
Now, let us tell you how to observe if your baby has acute otitis media?
Under what circumstances can it cause acute otitis media?
  Understanding Acute Otitis Media Acute otitis media refers to acute inflammation of the middle ear cavity and is one of the most common problems for children under 4 years of age.
Otitis media is caused by secondary or bacterial infection due to poor or blocked Eustachian tube (which connects the middle ear cavity and the back wall of the nasal cavity).
If not treated in time, it can cause hearing impairment, and even cause slow language development and poor learning ability.
  These manifestations, the baby may suffer from acute otitis media. Fever. Fever is a typical symptom of acute otitis media.
Baby has a fever for 3 consecutive days 37.
When the temperature is above 5 ℃, but the medicine persists, you should consider the possibility of otitis media, and go to the otolaryngology department as soon as possible.
  Scratching the ears The child didn’t know where he hurt before the age of 2, but he will tell you with action.
If he keeps touching his ears, scratching his ears, and scratching his ears, think about whether he has otitis media.
  Shaking his head, shaking his head from side to side is also an important feature of otitis media.
Because the ears are not comfortable, the baby will try to reduce the symptoms by shaking his head.
So, when you find your baby restless and shake his head, think of his ears as uncomfortable.
  Crying: The child suddenly became irritable, kept crying, and couldn’t sleep well at night because of pain. At this time, take him to the doctor immediately.
  Hydrocephalus in the ears: When acute otitis media occurs, water will accumulate in the middle ear and the eardrum will swell.
When the tympanic membrane is perforated, a yellow secretion will flow out.
Be aware of dry skin around your child’s ears.
  Hearing is not good. Exudate in the eardrum can cause hearing loss.
If you find that your baby is slow to respond to your call, ask him to ignore it several times, and take him to an ENT examination.
  These factors may make your baby suffer from acute otitis media, respiratory and nasopharyngeal diseases, such as colds, rhinitis, and pharyngitis.
The middle ear is in communication with the nasal and pharyngeal tubes.
When there are a lot of bacteria in the nasopharynx, these pathogens can easily enter the ear.
Therefore, when your baby has a cold, pay special attention to whether there are abnormalities in his ears.
  Swimming When swimming, water will enter the ear from the external ear canal, but if there is no hole in the eardrum, water will not enter the middle ear from the external ear.
However, if there are many people in the swimming pool and the sanitation is not well done, bacteria or disinfectants in the water will enter the body through the child’s nose and mouth, causing a cold and otitis media.
  Lying down and drinking milk A study from the United States states that when a baby lays down and drinks water or milk, water or milk will flow into the nasopharynx, which may cause otitis media.
Therefore, when your baby is drinking milk or other beverages, raise his head and wipe him off the water or milk at any time.
  Fatigue: lack of sleep or excessive physical exertion are the main reasons for the decline in immunity.
Regular life, balanced nutrition, and moderate exercise are very important to maintain health.
Therefore, don’t let the child play too tired, and make sure that he gets enough rest.
  Smoking: European studies have shown that: Some people at home smoke, which can easily induce otitis media.
Even if you drove the smoker to the balcony to smoke, his hair and clothes would be stained with the harmful substances of cigarettes.
When he goes to hold the baby again, these harmful substances will be adsorbed on the baby’s nasopharyngeal mucosa and easily cause inflammation.
  Group living in kindergarten, children’s exposure to cold germs or viruses is greatly increased, thereby increasing the possibility of otitis media.
  Going out on a closed public train or train, or in a poorly ventilated, densely populated public place, it is easy to catch a cold virus, and it is also easy for your baby to develop otitis media.
Therefore, when taking children out, try to avoid crowded places as much as possible.  Treatment interruption Usually the symptoms of acute otitis media will be relieved or even disappeared after taking the medicine for a few days. At this time, do not consider your baby to be good based on your own judgment and stop taking medicine and treatment.

Stopping treatment midway is one of the reasons why acute otitis media does not heal for a long time or even becomes chronic.

  These questions, the mother may care about Q: Why do some children have otitis media repeatedly?

  A: There is a certain relationship between otitis media and physical fitness.

They have different constitutions and different risks of infection.

Children with repeated infections of otitis media have weaker immunity.

In addition, otitis media is prone to recurrence, and it is also related to someone smoking at home and incomplete treatment.

Therefore, the child’s otitis media recurs, and the family is best not to smoke, and must adhere to a complete cure, the doctor can confirm the treatment before stopping treatment.

  Q: What should I do if my ears have pus?

  Answer: Ear pus may be caused by external otitis media in addition to acute otitis media.

If the child’s ear is secreted, go to the ENT department immediately.

For pillows that are in direct contact with the ears, the sheets should be washed in time to keep them clean, otherwise the pus replaced in the ears will cause skin inflammation.

Do not use a cotton swab to reach into the baby’s ear to wipe it, otherwise it may damage the baby’s external auditory meatus skin or even the eardrum, making the condition worse.

  Q: My child is scratching his ears. Is there any way to relieve it?

  Answer: Your baby has earache. Hurry to take him to the hospital for emergency treatment.

If you have 2% phenol glycerin ear drops at home, you can use it for your baby.

If the baby’s tympanic membrane has perforated and pus, you can use 3% hydrogen peroxide to wash your baby’s ears, and then infuse the ofloxacin ear drops locally.

  Q: If my baby is suspected of having otitis media, should I go to the ENT or pediatric department?

  Answer: If the child has obvious symptoms of middle ear inflammation, it is best to go to the ENT for direct examination.

Because tympanic membranes should be checked for the diagnosis of otitis media, ENT doctors have special inspection tools such as otoscopes, which can carefully observe the internal conditions of the baby’s eardrum and other eardrums.

  Q: What should I do if my doctor forgot to give my child the medicine on time?

  Answer: It is best to give your child medicine on time.

If you think your child is going to kindergarten, it is difficult to guarantee that he will take the medicine 3 times a day, or if you want to go to work, you can only give him the medicine sooner or later.

  Otitis media: Treat this way, treat it like this: ● The doctor will replace sensitive antibiotics to control the infection, actively treat the cause, improve middle ear ventilation, apply nasal drops to the nose, and keep the nasal cavity and eustachian tube throat open.

  ● When the tympanic membrane is not perforated, 2% phenol glycerin is dripped into the ear canal to reduce ear pain and promote local healing and resolution.

  ● If the tympanic membrane has been perforated, it can be washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide for the purpose of maintaining good drainage. It can remove pus in the external ear canal, and local dripping of sensitive drugs can significantly improve short-term symptoms.

  Things to note at home ● If your baby’s ears hurt at night, you can give him the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

  ● Can’t decide when to stop treatment by yourself, be sure to wait until the doctor says “It’s all right”.

Moderate drinking tea can stop itchy skin in winter

Moderate drinking tea can stop itchy skin in winter

Winter is a season of frequent pruritus, especially for older people.

In fact, there is a very simple and feasible method, that is, drinking a moderate amount of tea every day can help prevent itchy skin.

  Because tea is rich in trace element manganese.

Manganese is one of the 14 trace elements necessary for the human body. Manganese element has a significant protective effect on human skin. First, it can actively participate in many enzymatic reactions, promote protein metabolism, and improve the body’s ability to absorb and use proteins., And can improve the excretion of some harmful substances on the skin caused by the breakdown of proteins, which can reduce the adverse irritation to the skin; second, it can enhance the activity of galactosyltransferase and polysaccharide polymerase, and catalyze the metabolism of certain vitamins in the bodyIn order to ensure the normal progress of sebum metabolism and prevent skin dryness; the third is to promote the accumulation of vitamin b6 in the liver and enhance the body’s anti-dermatitis function, so manganese supplementation is the key to preventing skin itching.

  Tea is also called “polymanganese plant”.

Although there are many manganese in foods such as wheat, spinach, and cabbage, the human body absorbs the manganese in it, while bacteria and some animal liver and kidney foods are easily absorbed by the human body, but the content is reduced.
Therefore, in food supplemented with trace element manganese, tea has an advantage.

Eight major blood pressure principles

Eight major blood pressure principles

Hypertension is a common complication that leads to insufficient awareness of the “silent killer” of hypertension.

Most people think that asymptomatic means that blood pressure is not high and there is no danger.

In fact, high blood pressure can cause cerebrovascular accidents, renal insufficiency, uremia, hypertensive heart disease and coronary heart disease.

  What God Food says is that high blood pressure can be prevented, and the key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Specifically, for the risk factors that are susceptible to hypertension, to prevent it, or to try to control it, the onset of hypertension can be delayed, or it can be prevented, then the following 8 alternative principles must be followed:

Food is diverse, with cereals as the mainstay.


Eat more vegetables, fruits, and potatoes.


Eat more beans and dairy foods.


Eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat in moderation, eat less fat, and less animal offal.


Ensure a diet that is compatible with physical activity and maintain a suitable weight.


Eat lightly with less salt precipitation.


Drinking alcohol is not recommended, but should be consumed in small amounts.


Eat clean, fresh food.

This is the right way to pick your ears

This is the right way to pick your ears

Ear picking is as common as eating for Chinese people, and ear picking spoons are just like chopsticks.

According to research, two jade ear spoons have been unearthed from the ancient tombs of the Shang Dynasty. It can be seen how long the history of Chinese ear ears has been and how enthusiastic they are. Earn from the royal relatives, from the civiliansThe people are all right.

Did you know?

After so many years, your method may always be wrong.

Today, I followed the editor to see how the ears were right.

How can I get my ears right?

At the beginning we have to break a routine, that is, you have to retire your ear spoon at home, because it may hurt your ears in the process of ear extraction.

Most of the ear spoon materials used by people are metal and bamboo, which are harder as far as the materials are concerned. Unfortunately, the skin inside our ears is extremely thin and tender, which is easily caused by these materials.s damage.

Therefore, a cotton swab is the best tool for ear extraction, but even when using a cotton swab, be careful not to use too much force, otherwise you may puncture the skin inside the ear.

In addition, you need to be very careful when you pick your ears.

Some friends like to reach into the deep part of their ears when they dig their ears. They think that this is the only way to make cleaning clean.

If you also have this habit, then stop it quickly, because doing so may damage the eardrum and affect your normal hearing.

The correct method should be to insert the cotton swab into the external ear canal, and gently extend the ear canal to clean it, just like sweeping the floor. The advantage is that “garbage” can finally accumulate outside the ear.

If it is cleaned from the outside to the inside, eventually “garbage” will accumulate in the ear canal, making it more difficult to clean it out.

The garbage we are talking about here is commonly known as earwax, scientific name is 耵聍.

When there are too many crickets and you keep pushing them in, it is likely that the crickets will break the eardrum and cause serious hearing problems.

Don’t think that 耵聍 is really waste, in fact, its role is not small.

It can perform the function of lubrication, and can also protect the various tissue structures of your inner ear.

So Rachel Pritzker, MD, reminded us that if you want to get rid of crickets completely, it will not be good for your ear health.

If you really want to clean your ears, you can mix vinegar and warm water to make drops, and then use a straw to insert four to five drops into the contour of the outer ear, which will effectively clean your ears.

It’s common to dig out your ears, but it can also pose a health threat to us if we don’t make it right, so it’s important to master the correct methods mentioned above.

It is worth reminding everyone that if you feel uncomfortable after you pick your ears, you must go to the hospital for an examination and ask the doctor to check if there is something wrong with your ears.

In addition, if you want to clean your ears thoroughly, you must go to a qualified hospital and ask a doctor to help you clean, rather than recklessly.

Demystifying transgender psychology

Demystifying transgender psychology

Recently, 21-year-old Japanese tender model Sato revealed on blogs that he was male, making it difficult for many fans to accept.

Sato’s appearance is fragile. When speaking, he doesn’t have a deep throat, and with fair skin, he is like a little princess.

“Transgender people” is a common name for people with “transsexuality” in medicine. It belongs to sexual identity disorder.

  A transsexual person is a man or a woman who originally changed his or her personality due to long-term heterosexual life.

There are generally a small number of such people at home and abroad.

Most of these people who require gender change are psychologically negating their own genders and believe that their gender should be the opposite of that of the external genitalia.

From a medical point of view, they are both obstacles to gender identification, which is a type of sexual psychological disorder, which we call transsexuality.

  Feature 1. Convinced that he is heterosexual in nature; 2. Declaring that he is heterosexual but the body is not heterosexual; 3. Requires medicine to change the body to the gender that he recognizes; 4. He hopes that people around him will accept himself according to the gender he experiences.

  Heterosexual patients undergoing transsexual surgery are transsexuals. Therefore, transsexual patients only have a psychological desire to “transcend”, and only after undergoing transsexual surgery can they be truly called “transsexuals.”

But in reality, people often do not make a strict distinction between “transgender people” and “transsexuality”, and only use the term “transsexuality” when it comes to medical analysis of “transgender people”.

  There are basically two reasons for the desire to degenerate in this paragraph. One is the internal cause, which is caused by biological factors or determined by DNA in a certain sense; the second is the acquired education, which is mainly affected by parents.Or guardian influence.

  Firstly, it is caused by biological factors that Professor He Qingzhen, a famous Chinese plastic surgery expert thinks, transsexuality should be called transsexual disease or more accurate, because only then can the characteristics of the disease be accurately expressed. Transsexuality is not a subjective act, but should beCaused by biological factors; addiction refers to a habit developed the day after tomorrow.

  Numerous case data show that transsexual disease is innate and not a long-term habit. Like this, the operation of ordinary people who are dreaded like tigers, unavoidable, and covered with bruises is regarded as happiness, and as luck, this is not an addiction.

  The brain structure of transgender people is different from that of ordinary people. At the end of the last century, Dr. Zhou Jianglin’s article of Anhui Medical University caused strong repercussions in the international medical community, adding a powerful correction code for the biological interpretation of mutations.

He conducted an in-depth study of the brains of 6 transsexuals, and found that there is a nuclear group in the hypothalamus called the “central region of the terminal striate bed nucleus” that is related to the self-identification of the sex.

The nucleus of ordinary men is 44% larger than that of ordinary women, while the nucleus of male-to-female transsexuals is only 52% of ordinary men, similar to ordinary women.

This result proved for the first time from the biological point of view that the brain structure of transgender people is divided into ordinary people.

  Second, due to improper sex education, Dr. Chen Huanran, director of the Gender Remodeling Center of the Plastic Surgery Hospital, said that he has to perform two such mutation operations every week. At present, the appointment registration has been scheduled five years later.

However, he said that 30% of transgender people are because they received the wrong sex education in early childhood.

  According to Dr. Chen, there are five types of people undergoing transsexual surgery at the Gender Remodeling Center: congenital transsexuality, yin and yang deformity, acquired transsexuality (specified gender error), trauma leading to blurred sexual characteristics and people with inconspicuous sexual characteristics, including30% of transsexuals are caused by gender misdesignations since childhood.

If parents are guided correctly from an early age, they can avoid life-long pain for their children.

  The Dr. Chen explained that some parents raise their children according to their own preferences, such as pretending to be a girl when a boy is beautiful, or pretending to be a boy to be a daughter when he likes a son.

Although adults find it fun, some studies have shown that human self-enlightenment on gender starts from the age of 2 to 3 years. Therefore, the special hobbies of parents often cause the child to cause negative gender induction, and it is easy to grow up to become a psychological obstacle to sexual identityPatient-Acquired Transsexuality.

  In addition, inexperienced maternity doctors are also the “starters” of acquired transsexuality.

Dr. Chen said that some babies had congenital dysplasia when they were just born.

Obstetricians who are eager to fill out the birth certificate will judge whether they are “male or female” based on their common sense. “If you are right, you can.

He said, “But if you get it wrong, then the child will not be male or female.

“Actually, this kind of mistake can be avoided. Dr. Chen said that even if the baby is temporarily unable to see the sex at the time of birth, the doctor can regularly follow up and check,” Maybe the fault, the child’s gender characteristics will become clear.

Dr. Chen also believes that the current imbalance in the gender ratio of the teaching staff is also misleading to boys’ gender perceptions.

“There are only aunts in the kindergarten, and there are all female teachers in the elementary school.

“He said,” Boys growing up in this environment are prone to femininity and lack of masculine power.

“As society progresses, more and more transgender people enter people’s horizons, and people are slowly beginning to accept this group of people who have always been marginalized.

But in general, their society needs more people to pay attention to.

  Transsexuals exist around the world and can be seen in various ethnicities and jobs. The lives of these transsexuals are often very painful because of various substitutions in society.

Many people commit suicide each year due to transsexuality. Transsexuality can reduce their stress and make them face life with a new face.

Transgender will also lead to some social legal, medical, medical and other issues.

  We should consider giving transgender people an ideal life platform so that they can experience their own life value in life.

Medicinal diet Ganmai jujube soup for recuperating

Medicinal diet Ganmai jujube soup for recuperating

Introduction: Dietary Ganmai Jujube Soup, which can nourish your heart and soul, can help us have a healthy body by having healthy eating habits. The correct diet concept also adds health elements to us.

Developing a healthy diet in your daily routine is the key to a healthy body.

  There are many ways to eat wheat, which are incomparable to any other grain.

No matter how we eat wheat, we can achieve the ultimate goal of supplementing the body with nutrients.

  Yangxin Ningshen’s Ganmai Jujube Soup uses 12 grams of licorice, 18 grams of Huai wheat, and 9 pitted jujubes.

The wheat is washed and floated away. Put the licorice, wheat and jujube together in the pot and add water to boil.

This side comes from “Golden Strategy”.

The application of this recipe is the effect that wheat can “nourish heart qi”, while licorice can relieve heart fire, jujube can nourish spleen and nourish qi, and the three medicines can achieve the effect of nourishing heart, soothe the nerves, nourish yin and nourish viscera.

In daily life, if menopausal women have absent mind, poor sleep, frequent insomnia, frequent tears, irritability, palpitation and other symptoms, the symptoms of Ganmai Jujube Soup can be eliminated immediately.

  It should be noted that the wheat used in Ganmai Jujube Soup is Huai wheat, not floating wheat.

So how to distinguish Huai wheat from floating wheat?

Huai wheat refers to the full-grain wheat produced in the Jianghuai region; the “floating” of floating wheat means floating and floating.

Obviously, floating wheat is dried up, adding wheat that floats in the water.

Don’t look at the same wheat, the effect is quite different.

The role of Huai wheat is to nourish one’s heart, and the role of floating wheat is to condense sweat and stop sweat. The two cannot be mixed.

  As mentioned earlier, the main role of Ganmai Jujube Soup is wheat, and the secondary role is licorice. Jujube is just an adjuvant treatment.

So, in addition to licorice can relieve heartburn, what role does it have?

Licorice can also reconcile the properties and reduce the toxicity of the drug.

Therefore, when using strong medicine, some prescriptions will be added with licorice.

The reason why licorice is added to the ganmai jujube soup, in addition to the effect of licorice and heart fire, is that it can reconcile the medicinal properties, so that the therapeutic effect of the medicine can be better absorbed by the body.

What to pay attention to when getting along with friends

What to pay attention to when getting along with friends

Friends go together for a lifetime, friends have more ways to go, this is a principle we all know. From the path of our life, with the help and comfort of friends, we can go more smoothly and make us appreciate lifeThe taste of friendship in China requires friends to learn to treat it with sincerity, so that their lives can be full of fun.

  Treat friends always with gratitude for their existing hearts, and at the same time be respectful and grateful for everything that others handle for you, and promptly return the goodwill of others without fear of the success of others, but will win the necessary and powerfulSupport, and it can also cause trouble.

How you treat others, how others treat you.

Behavior nurtures behavior. You are friendly to me, and I am also friendly to you. If you are not friendly, I cannot treat you kindly. This is the law of reciprocity in psychology.

  Life is actually giving and being given, depriving and being deprived, suspicion and suspicion, love and love, hate and hate, helping others is helping yourself.

The most beautiful compensatory heart in life is that after people sincerely help others, they also help themselves.

A man who works with one’s heart and soul may shed some blood, but in the end, victory will belong to him.

  The spiritual path and the fate of humanity must pass through all people. There is very little chance for what all people do not absorb to survive. Tolerance has a subtle force that allows people to unknowingly absorb each other ‘s nutrition and grow together.

The weak can be cruel, but the strong understand how to be gentle, change others with understanding, and get along with dissimilar people is an art of thinking. Only the strong can tolerate. The basis of tolerance is strong, self-confidence, and not easy to get hurt.

  Friends must learn to live in harmony, learn to appreciate the advantages of friends, be able to distinguish between good and evil, learn to deal with feelings rationally, and persist in long-term friendship. Conflicts between friends must be resolved by appropriate methods, and must not hurtFriendship, learn to treat friends with tolerance, so that the road to friendship will last long.