The old man’s health and health can’t be less

The old man’s health and health can’t be less

Many old people have nothing to do after retirement, and there will be changes in their minds. How should we make the elderly happy at this time?

Today Xiaobian comes to introduce old friends to a few interesting things that can make you happy.

  The elderly health and health can not be less fun. Retired old people should seek a happy mood in their daily lives, so that they can learn and be old-fashioned, and thus have a good old age.

The author flipped through the notes and found that the famous Shanghai rap actor Huang Yongsheng said: “Live a day, happy for two and a half days.

“Happy, that is, happy, excited, happy things can’t fall in the sky, want to be happy, want to be happy, all by yourself.

   When you enter the old age, you should also “advance with the times”. You must pursue fashion and pay attention to your own dress.

Because proper clothing modification can bring vitality to the elderly, the elderly can feel young, while at the same time, focusing on the instrument, can also enhance social activities.

  Friends of a song sings: “It is difficult to buy a friend, and friends often stay in the spring.”

“Slang cloud: “Multiple friends, it will last for ten years.

“So, people should make more friends in their later years, especially forgetting to pay.”

More friends, not lonely, through making friends.

Can adjust the mind, enjoy the body and mind, eliminate loneliness, depression, anxiety and other unhealthy emotions.

People can’t have no friends, and older people are more suitable.

  The philosopher’s cloud: “Multi-lovers are not old”, this is to say that the elderly should have a good attitude.

A good attitude is the foundation of health. In the depths of people’s feelings, once the taste is generated, the spirit is full, the mood is cheerful, the troubles in the world are indifferent, and the open-mindedness is great, which has a great substitute for health.

  Children and old people often play with children, infiltrate the child’s innocent and childlike interest into their own lives, maintain a child-like mental state, and make themselves have a child’s heart. This is a kind of happiness.

The author has a deep understanding: after the retirement of his wife, he opened a family student table and asked me to help participate in the governance of children.

In 4 years, I often danced with children, sang, told jokes, guessed riddles, performed nursery rhymes, and in the joy of opening up, forgetting troubles, like a happy “old urchin.”

  Book calligraphy is both a fitness activity and an art.

Regular calligraphy has a significant effect on the treatment of chronic senile diseases such as neurasthenia, wilting, arm numbness, back pain, and even arteriosclerosis.

  How to maintain mental health for the elderly 1 , send a message to the elderly to meet after a meal, talk about the ancient theory, talk about the world, to communicate feelings, entertainment, body and mind, very good.

Chat can make people forget about aging, forget their troubles, and make their spiritual life rich and colorful.

When people are chatting, they need brain, mouth, ears and eyes to activate the active brain cells.

  2, the elderly who pay attention to the world’s clothing, easy to be younger than their actual age; to walk with spirit, behave cleanly, not to be dragged; pay attention to hygiene, focus on instrumentation, and social activities.

Without makeup, the real “cosmetic” is “emotion”.

Emotional quality not only affects the physiological function of organs, but also directly affects skin changes.

When people encounter happy things, it is conducive to smooth blood, making people radiant; when the mood is low, the blood supply to the skin is plummeted, and people are timid.

  3, experience the old feelings “five hundred miles inside the people respect the boss, ninety years old, the heart is still young.

“This is a life union written by scholar Hu Shi to his hometown teacher Cheng Benhai’s grandfather. He said the old man’s voice and profound intentions.

  4, happy mood people are old to maintain a good mood, open-minded, everything is indifferent, fame and fortune.

Give full play to your strengths and interests, try your best to develop your own hobbies, write and love paintings.

Any chess and painting, planting flowers and raising birds are the best choices, and there are no advantages or disadvantages.

As long as you are in a good mood, you can be intoxicated.

  5, adhere to the practice of the situation should be based on action, persevere.

Activities should be done with strength, not forced, walking, and Tai Chi are excellent activities.

Moderate exercise can regulate, improve the body’s physiological functions and enhance disease resistance.