My fattening plan four steps

My fattening plan four steps

This year set a new goal for myself, 噔噔噔噔~~~ Yes, it is fattening, and it is scientific fattening!

For weight, it has always been my most troublesome thing, from small to big, what Sangu Liupo I saw was thin, every time I heard people say that I am thin, I will be extremely depressed.

Therefore, this fattening plan can only be successful and cannot be defeated!

  Going to pounds today, the gross weight is 86 pounds, and it is 3 pounds thinner than before. It seems that fattening is an urgent task!

  In fact, I have always had fat, but it is getting thinner and thinner.

I have summed it up. The reason why the thicker and thinner in the past is mainly influenced by the mood.

I just read a lot of information about fattening on the Internet. I am currently sorting out a fattening meal list. If the trial is effective, I will follow Li Jiaxin’s public menu, and I want to increase the fat of the GGMM. Please wait patiently.Haha!

  First of all, attach four steps of my fattening plan: the first step of the fattening plan: keep a good mood every day.

The skin is stunned and the mood is even more embarrassing.

  The second step of the fattening plan: eat less meals a day, eat five meals a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, stay up all night), eat slowly when eating, help absorb.

  The third step of the fattening plan: proper exercise, proper exercise can improve people’s appetite, and can achieve the purpose of gaining weight without increasing fat.

  The fourth step of the fattening plan: a healthy meal with no weight gain (when I finish the white mouse, I will try it out after I have tried it). If I don’t succeed, I will become a fat pig. I can change it to a fat pig. I wantWork hard!

(Ma Zi, I am cheering together!)