Fruit eats like this, refuses oral ulcers

Fruit eats like this, refuses oral ulcers

First, what kind of fruit can be eaten by oral ulcers?

Pears are also prone to fire in the spring, and there are many symptoms of various fires, such as long acne, nosebleeds, swollen gums, etc. Among them, oral ulcers are the most common.

For these symptoms of getting angry, experts reminded that in normal life, you should eat more foods with vitamins and water in order to effectively correct and prevent various fire symptoms.

In particular, vitamin B and water, these two substances are very important for oral ulcers, both effective prevention and treatment of ulcers.

Whether you have an oral ulcer with high blood pressure or a stomach ulcer, you should eat more food that promotes the recovery of the ulcer during your illness. Pears are the best choice.

Pear vitamin B, often eaten has a large precipitate on the human body.

Pear is also a kind of fruit that is more suitable for oral ulcers. Therefore, this is also the answer to what fruit is eaten by mouth ulcers.


Apple patients with oral ulcers can also eat more apples during the disease. Apple has always been recognized as a healthy and nutritious fruit by nutrition experts. Regular consumption in daily life can also effectively enhance our body’s immunity and disease resistance.
And apples also have a good effect on the treatment of oral ulcers, the reason is because apples are extremely rich in vitamins, which is very important for the treatment of oral ulcers, in addition to the supplemental fiber contained in apples can helpWe effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and thus gradually detoxify.

Patients with oral ulcer classification can take an apple into a container and put it into a container, then add cold water to boil, wait until it is slightly cold, then put it in the mouth with the wine for a while and then eat it. It can be cured in a few days.

In the face of oral ulcers, what fruit is good, Apple is definitely a good choice.


Watermelon and watermelon are also good medicines for patients with oral ulcers. Experts advise that patients with oral ulcers should eat more watermelon during the disease, which has a good therapeutic effect on the oral cavity.

The nutrients contained in watermelon are very rich, so patients can squeeze the watermelon into the juice, and then put the juice in the mouth, about 2?
After 3 minutes, swallowed or spit out, and then contains watermelon juice, so it has a good treatment and control effect on oral ulcers.

At the same time, watermelon also has a good diuretic effect, which integrates detoxification and fire removal.

It can be said that watermelon has a great effect on the healing of oral ulcers, but diabetic patients should pay attention to prevent the avoidance of eating, because watermelon is rich in a large amount of sugar, if excessive consumption, it is likely to cause blood sugar to rise, notConducive to the control of the disease.


Persimmon persimmon not only has a great effect on the treatment of oral ulcers, but it can also prevent oral ulcers, so persimmon is also a good friend for oral ulcers.

But don’t eat with crabs when eating persimmons.

Persimmon cream on persimmons also has a good effect on the treatment of oral ulcers.

The way is to take persimmon cream from the persimmon cake, use boiled water or add porridge.


Peach peaches have a variety of vitamins such as vitamin B, and can also delay aging, is a rare fruit.

Everyone can’t think of peaches as a good fruit for mouth ulcers, but peaches have a better effect on mouth ulcers, but from the gastrointestinal point of view, it is not conducive to eating more.

Second, oral ulcers can not eat what fruit 1.

Vitamins are a kind of beneficial fruit rich in water. At the same time, citrus raw food is beneficial to the body, strengthens the body, helps digestion, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and reduces blood pressure. It has certain effects on purulent pharyngitis, tonsillitis, diabetes and viral influenza.

Because of citrus carotene, if you eat too much, it will cause caroteneemia (commonly known as orange disease), vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and other symptoms.

At the same time, eating more citrus will get angry, leading to dysfunction of the body, oral ulcers, glossitis, pharyngitis and other symptoms.


Longan meat is commonly known as longan meat.

It is warm, sweet and greasy, and it is the easiest to help.

For example, “Drug Chemicals” said: Longan meat “sweet and help the fire, if the heart and lungs are full, it should be avoided.”

“Materia Medica” also pointed out: “If there is a fire in the stomach, it is not appropriate.

“Aphthous sores are caused by heart and stomach fire, so it is appropriate to eat properly.”


The nature of the lychee is warm, and it is easy to get hot and get angry.

As clear?Wang Mengying pointed out: “More food to help the heat, blood, those who have fire on the burnt bogey.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” also contains: “The fresh food is more, that is, ulcers and pain.

“Therefore, people with aphthous ulcers, including mouth ulcers, mouth sputum, gum swelling and pain, etc., should not eat more.