Recommendation: Six of the most important things in sex

Recommendation: Six of the most important things in sex

Why do men and women like sex?

So what is the most shy thing for a woman in bed?

When a woman goes to bed with her husband, she will deliberately put on a very sexy underwear.

Of course, he also likes underwear that he particularly likes. The woman seems to show him something intentionally or unintentionally.

This may be saying to my husband: Dear, please come with me!

Let’s take a look at the six most shy things about women in bed: 1.

Do not refuse to let the tricks men always do not meet the customary sexual posture and caress, always want to try something new, in order to pursue some excitement and happiness.

In fact, modern women usually do not intervene in their understanding and actions, because they also have the need to pursue fresh stimulation.

  However, it is necessary to adhere to a goal of thinking that this sexual posture and caressing method is healthy, hygienic, safe, and can make you happier, and must not cause any harm to human health.

Therefore, if men want to try new sexual postures and caressing methods, the most important thing is to respect the woman’s intentions and obtain their consent!


Condoms don’t matter that men often don’t like condoms, in their opinion, that will reduce pleasure.

For women, they don’t have any special feelings.

  However, sometimes women think: Is the condom slipping?

This is entirely due to self-confidence and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you risk sex with a reluctant pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, there is no happiness at all.


Passive is an illusion Although people’s ideas are open up a lot, but in people’s minds, Shu Shu, a solemn and docile woman, especially in terms of sexual life, is a woman who is stable and restrained.

This makes most women unwilling to be so arrogant and exposed in sex.

  In fact, women’s sexuality is active or not, and whether they are sexually active or not, initiative is two different things.

Women are never passive in terms of sex.

However, women can only express themselves in a relatively insidious and implicit way.

  For example, he prepared his favorite dinner for the man, and he was especially diligent and affectionate after dinner; he washed thoroughly and prepared to sleep early in the evening, and asked his husband to come to bed soon;When I went to bed, I specially put on a very sexy underwear that he particularly liked, and seemed to show him intentionally or unintentionally.

.This may be saying: “Dear, please come with me!

“Besides, what do you expect the subtle woman to do again?


Most women who have a fantasy object to answer questions say frankly: If they are sexual relatives who are neither happy nor successful, they often think: Why is this over?

Instead, they may be enchanted by their sexual fantasies.

When they were so, they remembered other men.


Do not like WITTMANN for women, is some kind of man the sexiest and most attractive?

Is it brave and fierce?

Sorry, it is the old yellow calendar of the medieval knight era, or just the story of martial arts, gun battle movies.

Women in society today are more fond of men who are gentle, kind, enterprising, successful, and responsible, because such men will give them more security, dependence and trust, and most women alsoAdmit, such a man is really sexy, attractive, and fascinating.

  6.I don’t like lighting. Most women think that in the dark they can play a larger and more spacious sex space, and they can better think of many pleasant and emotional things, so they are even more excited.

The eyes can’t see – women are used to making love with their eyes closed, and everything will give way to the feeling of the body, making them more focused on sex.

Another important reason is that most women’s faces are getting more and more serious because of excitement, and in the dark, these will be covered up.